Which FIVE 3* Characters should i Max Level first?

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I have been holding all my 3* at level 140 while I take the time to add covers. I currently have 22 characters that are cover maxed. Those that have a * by their name in the poll are also ideally covered (if it makes a difference in your votes).

with only 15 available choices for the poll, I was forced to leave some characters off (so I didn't include some of the less popular characters, e.g. daredevil, Ock, psylocke, spiderman, etc.).

I have 300,000 Iso saved. I know this leaves me just a tad short to max the fifth character, but it's close enough.

Unfortunately, I am still working on some of the other popular 3*, including Daken, KK, Cage, Switch, and Patch. I am no more than 2 or 3 covers away on them though.

I have been at this step (holding at 140) for what feels like several months. I am getting close to taking that next step. since the Iso investment is so costly from 140>166, I wanted to make the best decisions I can.

thanks in advance for your advice.
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  • TxMooseTxMoose Age Unconfirmed Posts: 4,319 Chairperson of the Boards
    that is a tough one - if I looked at your list, my opinion is that there are 6 no-brainers on the list. you asked for 5 though. I think all 6 are very important, but I can't decide if leaving off cap, thor, or panther makes the most sense. I guess since panther isn't *'ed for optimal build i'll leave him off. my philosophy is only put the iso into the ones you'll max anyway. you don't want to use iso on a mid-tier guy only to get your top-tier guy to optimal a week or two later and then not have the iso for it. max the ones worth maxing, but you don't necessarily have to do that immediately either. I went with cyke, fist, mags, cap, and thor. I'd add panther next, and then work on the cage/witch/kk bunch.

    edit: I see I'm the only vote so far for steve. I voted for him for pve. your scaling will increase some and maxing steve just helps deal with that scaling better. the other 4 are more obvious.
  • MalcrofMalcrof GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 5,971 Chairperson of the Boards
    I voted, but there was a pause, Lthor and Doom make a perfect 2 man rainbow, and is how i got my first 800 in PVP even using a loaner 3* when i was in 3* transition land. So Doom has a spot, even though i didn't vote for him. When boosted, Doom's purple can 1 shot many 4*s with enough tiles.

    The biggest thing that will affect the decision, is PVE or PVP? If going for PVE, i would change a few of my votes. Steve is a PVE superstar, as is KK (not on your list), but Lthor was my hero when PVE was my sole focus, and then a major Boon in PVP.

    IF is good for both, IF @ 3/5/5 can solo most trivial nodes in PVE, and paired with BP can be a force in PVP.

    Lthor, IF, and Mags are the only 3 absolutely yes, but only if built correctly, (3/5/5 on all, IMO)
  • PeterGibbons316PeterGibbons316 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,063
    You didn't specify PvE or PvP focus, so I assumed you would want to try to be competitive in both. I picked, IF/Cyc for PvP, and Blade/Falcon/LCap for PvE. BP is a great character - especially paired with IF, but Cyc gets the job done just as well. Thor is a great standalone, but a bit of a slow starter, personally I think he is really overrated. Daken/Blade/Falcon make a dynamite PvE team that you could use, and LCap is a one-man PvE wrecking crew. So those are the 5 that I would probably have the greatest success with in both PvE and PvP.
  • Jam_AdamsJam_Adams Age Unconfirmed Posts: 486 Mover and Shaker
    thanks for the input guys. upvotes for all!

    sorry I didn't think to include my main play style. up to now, it has primarily been PVE, with some dabbling in PVP as time and character health allows.

    however, once I get some maxed characters, my interest in PVE will increase.

    if this changes your opinions, feel free to change your vote.

    the clear leaders at this point are Cyclops and IF with 7 votes. Mags with 5, then Thor with 4. BP and Cap are tied at 3, which is kind of how you guys explained your votes.

    interesting to see votes for Gamora and Shulk. not that they aren't worth investing in, but no one above mentioned them. however, I can make a case for any of the characters on the poll. which is kind of the point of this anyway right? lol
  • TxMooseTxMoose Age Unconfirmed Posts: 4,319 Chairperson of the Boards
    I know characters like gamora and marvel gain usability with the more levels they have because you want them tanking their colors because of how they're set up. I've taken marvel to 140 (for a strategy used in galactus) but gamora remains at 120 for me, but when boosted, I love to play her and fist (with antman third). however, I haven't found enough reason to add levels to her over my other iso needs. I wouldn't consider them (and shulk) part of a 'core' roster group. most all characters have advantages/disadvantages and some are more gimmicky and can be fun in certain situations. the first priority needs to be damage dealing and speed and those are why fist/cyke/mags top the list. then you can make judgment calls on all the other aspects. without damage dealing and speed, the other stuff doesn't matter.
  • amusingfoo1amusingfoo1 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 597 Critical Contributor
    I put Blade and Panther on there as my fourth and fifth, but I would rather have Kamala and SWitch. Kamala, Steve, and SWitch make quite a PvE team.
  • I only voted for 4 because those are the only 'gotta haves', imo. The rest of your ISO should be saved for SW, Cage, or maybe KK if you plan to use her. 140 is good enough for everyone else, imo.

    IF and Cyc I think are universal.

    Lthor and Mags are super awesome.

    Next tier for me would be BP, Cap, Doom, Blade.
  • WarbringaWarbringa Posts: 1,156 Chairperson of the Boards
    Blade is versatile for both PvP and PvE with his strike tile ability. He let me win my first gauntlet a month or two ago almost by himself. I voted for Doom too, although I know most people wouldn't say he is top 5, he has a soft place in my heart and his purple can be devastating as stated earlier. If you do go with Doom, you should also do BP and LThor. Doom helps ramp BP black ability. IF and Magneto are great but I just got them covered not long ago so I haven't maxed them myself but they are the next two to do so on my list.
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