Deadpool Mega-whales



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    Sain wrote:
    Tatercat wrote:
    They ought to change this power using Whales to using Wolverines. It would fit into Deadpool's meta-fourth wall breaking humor quite nicely, and all the Wolverine characters in this game would be hilarious flopping around the screen at once.
    Thing is, whales is kind of an inside joke. What do they call players that spend large amounts of money on the game? Whales. A common complaint about this practice is it is like paying to win. Therefore, whales is literally Deadpool breaking the 4th wall and asking if you want to pay to win the match. I'm sure someone out there could probably explain it more elegantly but there ya go.

    True. In that case, they should now change it to Deadpool wiping out the other team with purpleflag.png Exploit. "Press Here to Sandbox the Other Team!"
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