tragic arrogance

so got my first mythic from a 225 stone pack
Tragic arrogance
cost 24
pick one creature you control and one creature your opponent controls then destroy every other creature on the battlefield

not sure what to think of it


  • Its pretty bad, unless they have like a 1/1 and a bunch of big fatties swinging at you.

    24 mana is way to steep. For a mythic I'd think it would cost between 12 and 15 mana.
  • yea even if it still had support alos it seems overcosted
    (and I dont think it normally is a mythic?)
  • carlito666carlito666 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 69
    If you have an finisher on the battlefield than pick enemies worst creature! Easy win.. its not bad.
  • I thought about it, and it is decent too if you have Restraint. Follow it up with the disable killer and you've got a clean board.

    However, it simply costs too much.

    For 25 mana I could instead play any number of game ending creatures.

    In MTG the point is it is a multiplayer card, and MTG ends up having far more permanents on field than we do.
  • would be more useable but still overcosted if it targeted supports too
  • Could be useful in the very off chance that you're fighting a Chandra and she has a 20/1 Bellows Lizard out and a bunch of defenders / keeps killing off all of your units.
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