help for a player with only one 4* maxed

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I have one four star maxed and I'm wondering where to go it seems like the game is passing me by.
I cant place high in pvp and the scaling is horrible on pve I'm in a really **** spot in the game.
I have all the old 3* maxed up to sentry


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    you might post your roster. gamependium (see my sig) is a great tool for that, especially if asking for help. those that would be glad to give some opinions/advice would benefit from knowing what you have to work with. from what your post says, you may have taken some time off and not have many of the new characters from this year. if true, the newer characters generally all out-power the older ones. the only older ones that still have punch are cmags and cap really. thor has even lost his luster, although still very good, but not t5 in the game like he used to be. same can be said for all the new 4*s. if you're returning to the game from old you'll get hit with a big roster slot need for all the new ones and then you'll just need to work at filling those out. mostly pve, but depending on your 4* (assuming xf) you might be able to finish t100 in pvp in the right slices. might take some hp for shields. if that 4* is IW and she is at 270 and all you have other than her is 166s, you may be better off without her. that would suck, but its very possible. I'm not saying for sure because I don't have a high IW and I'm not sure of her utility, but if she's driving your scaling up and she isn't helping you deal with that scaling, that is a pain.
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