What to lvl next?

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Hello guys.

Day 30th update: Roster
Currently got covers for:
*** Hood (Yellow)
*** Luke Cage (Yellow )
*** Sentry (Red)
**** Sam Wilson (Yellow)
*** Scarlet witch (Blue)
**** Iron Man (Red)
*** Black Panther (Yellow)

My plan is that after I finish lvling **Storm, I'll focus on Magneto and then on OBW. I can now earn covers from Deadpool daily, so this is additional source of power. Also I'm juggling with covers for Story events. And my question is like in topic title, what should I lvl next (after **Storm):)



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    OBW, Ares and Thor are your bread and butter in 2* land. Play PVP and PVE, use HP for slots and stay calm - progress is possible but not very quick. And be sure to join an alliance that can score top100 (or at least top 250) each event - speeds up the process.
  • Ok, gonna do this icon_e_smile.gif
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