Add second 5*, quite trepidatious

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So I just opened my legend token from the hunt and got 5* Jean Grey. I just recently added OML and that seemed to really effect my scaling, especially in PvP. The rumours on the board suggest adding a second 5* cripples you in PvP.

I feel like I'd regret not adding her long term, but I'm not sure. The dev's did say they would address the scaling issues but who knows when that will be and what the outcome will be anyway.

Roster is in signature block.

To pre-empt questions, I open these tokens to try and get 4* characters for essential nodes for pve events so I can keep getting more tokens!


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    You have 15 days on the timer right? I'd wait for now, the devs did say there may be something in the pipeline regarding this but someone else correctly asserted that they only say that they are looking at making soft-capping less advantageous so it might not be a fix for the 5* problem. In general it does not seem to affect things too much with a 5*. My experience is that it has increased my scaling a little on PVE and MMR on PVP but not so much that it's made it impossible. Shield Sim is a different story though.

    Wait the 15 days grace period that you have then re-assess, that's my advice.
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    I don't think it would be a huge swing for you. You have a number of toons at 166 and more just below that.

    I have 2 5 star.png s and I haven't seen a huge upscale (Roster in sig). You might have a little pain during a week when none of your higher level toons are buffed but that can be an issue even without the 5 star.png s
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    Also consider how hard/easy it is for you to get leg tokens. 5* pull rate is 10%, further divided by 3 among the heroes and again by 3 for each cover.

    If you come by leg tokens frequently, ditching some occasionally may be okay for you. If not, you might want to hold onto that 5*.
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    Thanks for the replies. I think I will add her when the timer is about to run out. Hopefully it doesn't make too much of a difference to scaling, but I just can't let a 5* drop off. Especially Jean Grey!
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    Ironic that I gave advice on this issue and the 25 cp I just spent pulled me a surfer... I too now have 2 5* characters and am hoping it doesn't affect my early 3* transition scaling too much
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