Adventure time blues

ElizaEliza Age Unconfirmed Posts: 18
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A Cali girl was out of school with time to have some fun
Her summer planned to sit outside or play games while in the sun
She found a game that's fun to play and played it every day
But one day the game locked up and caused her much dismay

She didn't cry or get upset cause they promised in no time
They'd fix it up and make it right and all will be back fine
She waited and she waited, the days they soon passed by
Still no news, no sign of change, she started thinking why

She sent another ticket thinking they surely have forgot her plight
They promised they would sort it out and to wait for them to write
More days she sat there thinking any day now she'll be back playing
Be happy once again I think it goes without me saying

But still she sit here sad and bored with nothing much to do
She may as well throwed my money and flushed it down the loo
So if you guys are sick of her, there's only one way to go
To give her back Finn, Jake and friends so they can conquer OOO

Please mend the game people icon_cry.gif

Written by Eliza and a bit of help of my big bro


  • Chrono_TataChrono_Tata Posts: 719 Critical Contributor
    *sheds single tear*
  • ElizaEliza Age Unconfirmed Posts: 18
    *sheds single tear*

    It's worth more than one tear you meanie icon_razz.gif

    Also took me ages to write it. Maybe there should be a poem section lol
  • Chrono_TataChrono_Tata Posts: 719 Critical Contributor
    Well, it looks like the newest update has broken the game for a bunch of people including me, so I'm totally in your boat now. ):
  • Is anyone working on this game anymore? Did everyone give up and go home? I'm about to remove the game.
  • David [Hi-Fi] MooreDavid [Hi-Fi] Moore Age Unconfirmed Posts: 2,872 Site Admin
    Is anyone working on this game anymore?

    Absolutely! The developers, WayForward, have been working hard on tons of bug fixes and adding some cool new features. We're not quite ready for the next big update yet - but it's coming soon.
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