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Is anyone here playing this game? Heard about it? It's an F2P third person shooter. I'll talk more about it if anyone's interested in games like that.


  • I'm still playing this from time to time. I randomly recorded a game recently. This is the Blitz game mode where you and your team needs to capture the points in a map. Games are 4vs4.

    P.S. Game starts at 1:12.

  • Looks interesting, are there other similar games?
  • The video above shows the Blitz game mode where throughout the round players try to capture points in the map. Other game modes are:

    Extraction: One player from each team chosen as collector who must collect blutonium laying on the ground around the map. If collector dies, another player is assigned as collector by the game. You can either protect your collector or choose to hunt down enemy collector or other enemies.

    Jackhammer: Capture the flag mode with a twist. Flag is a **** electrocharged giant hammer with which you can smash enemies.

    Domination: Similar to Blitz players must capture the points but points are always open for capture unlike Blitz where announcer tells you when a new point is available for capture.

    Death Snatch: Players kill enemy team members and must collect the blutonium vials they drop upon death. Otherwise the kill doesn't count.

    Annihilation: Current ranked game mode in the game. This is an amalgamation of Blitz, Jackhammer and Death Snatch. End goal is to destroy enemy spaceship / base with a supercharged Jackhammer at the end of the round.

    There are other f2p shooters out there but to my knowledge this is the only one with third-person view.

    Other f2p shooters I know of:

    Team Fortress 2 (high entry level cos it's too popular and the game is kinda established for a time now. also multiplayer voice is on as default. so mid-game an enraged player may start cussing at you and you can also get votekicked from games. I didn't like this game but many people do.)
    Quake Live (I think it is called that. Not sure entirely but I heard there is an f2p Quake game.)
    Heroes and Generals (this is WW2 themed).

    Also, this game is fast-paced like Quake. I'm not sure if TF2 counts as one. H&G is definitely not fast-paced.
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