New Character - Iron Patriot (James Rhodes) 2*



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    Running him with Polaris and BRB at the moment and that’s working out pretty great. His purple is excellent.

    That is a nice addition, as that teams always needs a use for purple. A purple use that is synergistic, even better! He also brings them a use for red, which will be buffed by Polaris' tiles.

    I ran the same team. Hit 900 points at 28 wins effortlessly without a single health pack needed. Only downside was that the enemy teams were dying so fast that I didn't complete a single one of his 20 powers fired quests (all of them ended around 16 or so). Not sure it's worth bothering fighting more battles just for 2 star covers given I'll get endless amounts of them in tokens. Wish the 4 star ascended was easier to get than the 80 item vault.


    It's much, much easier if you're willing to use $$$$