Unique recruitment opportunity

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Goldencompan are a top 30 independent coalition and we are looking for one more player to make our family complete.

We are not a member of and other group of coalitions, we are truly independent. We pride ourselves on being competitive but without the rules and regulations that other coalitions have. All we ask is that you play and do your best, Last week 7 players managed full scores and the rest got over 100 point or more each.

We have a lively DISCORD server where newer players in the team can get useful hints and tips.

Join up now and give us a try, we don't bite.


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    Spoorantoo Posts: 49 Just Dropped In

    Goldencompan needs one new recruit. We are an independent play for fun but in a serious way coalition with 19 active players. Regular top 30 finish you could be the player to break us into the top 20. New players welcome as we believe in nurturing talent.