Mask of Griselbrand: lacking Artifact type [Investigating]

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While playing RP event today, which requires you to cast 3+ Artifacts, I was using DMU Danitha (for a free Equipment per her cast), so I was filtering my supports by Equipment supports because everyone knows that Equipment is an Artifact subtype. Yet, while playing the match and checking the objectives status, I noticed that Mask of Griselbrand, despite being a piece of Equipment, did not count as an Artifact. And I went to read its type line that confirmed the problem.
To me it looks like a casual oversight, same as the situation with one of the versions of Olivia not being Legendary (which was fixed).

Sigrid from Kaldheim also misses Legendary supertype.



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    Looking at the Mask of Griselbrand, it doesn't say it's an artifact. I know nothing about paper Magic, and if that's true there or not, but I've never heard anything about equipment counting as artifacts in PQ. Imo, it doesn't say artifact, it's not an artifact.

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    I agree that it’s probably just oversight, it’s not alone. Vorpal Sword, Spiked Ripsaw, Bramble Armor and Ceremonial Knife are all missing the artifact subtype. I submitted a similar quarry about Sigarda’s Splendor not counting as enchantment and was told it was a mistake (though it’s not fixed yet).

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    If you filter on "support" and the keyword "equipment", the vast majority of cards in Magic:PQ will have a subtype of "Equipment Artifact" or "Artifact Equipment". Since all of these cards are referenced from their paper Magic equivalent, it would make sense that this card would also have the artifact subtype.

    Mask of Griselbrand - Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID)

    Card Text
    Equipped creature has flying and lifelink.
    Whenever equipped creature dies, you may pay X life, where X is its power. If you do, draw X cards.
    Equip 3

    Rarity: Rare
    Card Type: Legendary Artifact — Equipment
    Flavor: The legacy of evil lives on.

    At least the developers realized that this card is "Legendary".

    As Asylamb noted, this is likely an oversight due to incomplete standards or templating. And, surprise, surprise, it's not the only card missing the artifact subtype when compared to their paper equivalent. Other cards that are missing the artifact subtype are:

    • Vorpal Sword
    • Spiked Ripsaw
    • Bramble Armor
    • Ceremonial Knife

    This seems like a very simple fix - adding the artifact subtype - but I honestly don't have a lot of hope it will ever be addressed.

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    You can make an argument for sure, but "it's an artifact in paper" doesn't mean they intended it to be in PQ. They might have, and you all may be correct that it's an oversight, but as it stands, if you want an artifact, just search artifact. There are probably hundreds of cards that differ greatly from their paper counterparts, and bringing it to their attention is fine and dandy, but I wouldn't go so far as to assume that cuz it's an artifact in paper, it's supposed to be an artifact in PQ. It could easily have been a decision based on the effects that artifacts have in PQ being different than paper.

    You could also make the argument that since there are other equipments in the game that are artifacts, it seems more likely to be a decision to make it not an artifact rather than a mistake that they didn't make in other places.

    But who knows!

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    Equipment is an Artifact subtype.

    "since there are other equipments in the game that are artifacts" - Equipment is supposed to be Artifact in the first place. In paper there is not a single Equipment card, that is not an Artifact first.

    Just like every thumb is a finger, but not every finger is a thumb, every Equipment is Artifact, but not every Artifact is Equipment.

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    Once again, you're just citing paper magic. This isn't paper Magic. You can say it IS all you want, that doesn't make it so :-P

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    Hello guys,
    Thank you for all the information provided, this issue will be investigated!
    If you have any additional information that you consider relevant, please don't hesitate to send me 😊