DisciplesofD LFM - Casual, Play / Life Balance

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DisciplesofD is looking for more heat!  Need warm bodies to push our little coalition up through the ranks.  The players we have currently are highly active (don't even think about poaching them - I have nails and am not afraid to use them, haha!).  With a scant 6 people, spanning 3 countries so far, we placed top 100 - 150 in the last event (can't recall the exact position because I'm old).  With a few more lively players we could easily burst that bubble and get into the top 100, if not higher.

Casual play, focused on PVE.  2 week inactivity policy because life happens (I own a construction company, have a husband, 3 dogs, a cat, and a frog so I understand life is busy!).  Check in every 2 weeks, and prioritize the coalition events and we're happy.  Need to take time off?  No problem!  Just let me know you'll be gone x days / weeks / months and I'll keep you on the team, space permitting, so you can keep your contribution points.

Edit:  I did mention I'm old, right?  I have a separate posting, but couldn't find it, and now cannot delete this one.  Aging is rough!