Ajanis Abilitys Not Working [Investigating]

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Puzzle master Ajanai enchantment supports have stopped working, there no longer giving there evergreens to a random creature. It also seems to only be Ajanai as PMA teferis enchantment supprts are working as intended.


  • jtwood
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    While it’s possible to include too little supporting evidence, it’s hard to include too much. 

    TotP white, right node
  • madwren
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    Yep. Came here to post this.

    I'm not sure why this keeps breaking with updates, but it'd be nice if it could stabilize. 
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    Not working in story mode either. Battle for Zendikar. 
  • Dakteron
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    Currently playing a 20+ Minute game, because I don't get my double strike and opponent keeps killing cats and creatures while gaining life ... super annoying ...
  • Oktagon_Support
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    Hello guys,

    Thank you for all the information provided, this issue will be investigated!
    If you have any additional information that you consider relevant, please don't hesitate to send me 😊


  • Theophilus
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    Investigating shouldn't be difficult. I have not seen this work at all since the update. Hopefully this can be easily fixed with a data push in the next day or two. Fingers crossed.
  • Theophilus
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    @Oktagon_Support- Can this now be marked as fixed?

    Thank you for the swift response!
  • Theophilus
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    Not so fast. There appears to be another issue that may or may not be related. Some of the support tokens do not carry the evergreens. I haven't yet noticed if they are missing the evergreen when they are summoned or if they lose it at some point. Whatever the case, I have frequently noticed this with a few of them. The investigation continues...
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    @Theophilus I came here to report exactly this - tokens with no evergreen to give when it gets popped.
  • Jagman
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    It seems like the evergreen icons are back. But now I'm noticing that if I've activated different abilities and match just 1 of those gems, it gives a creature all of the abilities of each type that I've created.  The gem may only show lifelink, but it will grant lifelink plus double strike and prevent damage if I have gems of that type on the battlefield. It gives 2 or 3 abilities to the same critter, not one to each critter.  This also seems to work for Greg.