corrupt gems incorrectly giving buried [Investigating]

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Currently when you corrupt a gem the last card in your graveyard without buried is being given buried.

Previously it would give buried to the first card without buried, which is what the description for buried says it should do.

This new behavior is consistently happening and significally weakens the mechanic.

Replication steps would be have a larger number of cards in your graveyard, then corrupt gems using any source such as "Snuff Out". The cards at the bottom of the graveyard will gain corrupt instead of those at the top.

Im running on a "Samsung Galaxy" with android, model "SM-T350".
The issue seems to be present for all sources of corrupt, ive tested it for the following cards.  "The Chain Veil", Demonic Tutor", "Snuff Out" and "Liliana's Reaver".
Ive tested this using Karn and BG Nissa against players and in story mode. 

Corrupt gems are my favorite of the enhanced puzzle master gems, so its a shame they are currently bugged.


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    This is the problem with using different naming conventions for the same thing:
    The top card in your GY is the last card in your GY and the bottom card is the first card in your GY.

    The GY fills from the bottom up..
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    @Oktagon_Support I agree part of the problem is the different naming conventions. But I think a bigger problem is the inconsistency within the same wording.

    The corrupt hint box States  :"the first card" for both giving buried and giving mana.  In the before image, I just cast Snuff Out.  Soul Shatter and Tajuru Paragon were given Buried, the bottom most cards in the GY. My next turn I matched 2 corrupt gems. In the after picture you can  see the mana went to the Tajuru Paragon, which is the top card with buried.

    The "first card" isn't consistent within the same hint box.
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    in my post i was referring to the top card in the graveyard as being at the top of the screen, which is the oldest card in the graveyard.

    It used to be that the top card in your graveyard(ie the one that has been there the longest) would be the first one to receive buried, it would also then be the one to receive any mana you give it
    There has been a change in this behavior and it makes a mechanic that was already kinda weak even weaker.

    What was happening when i was trying to play with corrupt is the bottom card(ie newest) in my graveyard would gain buried and i would give it 3-6 mana, the next time i corrupt cards further up in my graveyard(ie older ones) would gain buried and they would now have priority to gain mana. which meant until all cards in my graveyard had buried they would only be able to gain small amounts of mana until they no longer had priority to gain mana.
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    Hello guys,

    Thank you for all the information provided, this issue will be investigated!
    If you have any additional information that you consider relevant, please don't hesitate to send me 😊