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AoP (Agents of PVE) are a family of 5 alliances that aim to create a fun environment for all levels of players, with an active social group on the Line app for those that wish to join it. We offer accessibility to all levels of players, from the 3* players, through the casual, or experienced to the long term 5* MPQ veterans. We aim to provide the rewards your game play deserves without pressure to grind like the T10 teams have to, but ensure that we maximise the rewards you can achieve by strength of squads. We are primarily PVE and also arrange merc spots to take our other PvP players as mercs for pvp  events and T100 season spots or better, according to your score. We understand that real life happens and there may be the odd event where you will not be able to hit minimum.  All we ask from you is to communicate that issue to your command team as soon as you can so that appropriate accommodations can be made.

We have an online community with group chats for the separate alliances, as well as a chat for the whole of AoP where much experience and information is available.

Available positions 

Alliance                Positions                 Rewards

AoP Elite                Currently ** 1 spot **     T25 PVE / Max Boss Events 


AoP 2                     Currently ** Full **     T100 all PVE events / Max Boss Events 


AoP 3                     Currently ** Full **     T50/T100 all PVE Events / Max Boss Events


AoP 4ever              Currently ** Full ** T250 all PVE Events / Max Boss Events


AoP Casual            Currently ** Full **  Max Boss Events / offered merc spots in AoP group for NCE. Rest of the time Casual has no requirements except daily play.

*please not that the AoP 4 alliance will be abandoned soon and will continue as AoP 4ever. The old AoP 4 alliance will no longer be part of the AoP group after that.*

Joining any AoP team is a great route into the rest of the AoP family T100 teams as we are happy to move players that show their worth there, to the team that fits them best. If the team of your choice has no vacancies, we can still put you on the list.

How to contact us

The fastest way to contact us is through the line app although we will try to periodically check messages here as well. Our line ID’s are next to our names below, and you can add us in Line and send us a message as we check that several times a day, so it’s much easier.

Recruitment contacts:

AoP Elite:

Bzhai (Line ID: bzhai_mpq, Discord: Brendo#3610) 

AoP 2:

Rocketman1 (Line: rocketman12)

AoP 3:

Itsuka7 (Line ID: itsuka789, Discord: Itsuka7#6636) 

AoP 4ever and AoP Casual applicants can try to just contact any of the above on line, or pend in game if you see a vacancy and can meet the requirements above. Please note that often an alliance might show on 20 because of merc filling in temporary spots. We will look and accept to chat but contact through Line is the surest way in. Or simply reply to this post below (we try to check here a few times a week, so be patient, as we mostly chat on line app)

If all the alliances are full, set as “apply” for positions, we will take advance applications to join and keep you posted on the situation. Again, Line is the best way to approach us if you have it as when we are full, we only periodically check messages here on the forums. Thanks 

Additional information on our alliances:

AoP Elite (Line app compulsory)

AoP Elite is a T25 PVE focused alliance. Our requirements are to be solid SCL10 player in PvE, doing at the very least and expectedly more than 1.25 x full progression in normal events, 1.5 x or higher for NCE and full participation in boss events. We don’t kick anyone who makes the minimum requirements pursuing a t10 ranking.

For PvP we have a good number of hybrids that are allowed to merc out if we do not have enough players in event but we aim to be T25 on a regular basis.

AoP 2 (Line app not compulsory)

The expected roster here is one that enables a player to do comfortably do max progression. Realistically all 4* and below should be covered and most 5*. AoP 2 is a PVE focused alliance, without pvp requirements. It’s main aims are to complete all boss and raid events and to finish in T100 for all events inclusive of new character events. Daily play is a must, and max progression is required for boss and all other events except new 4* and 5* character events where 1.25 x max is the minimum requirement. If you are missing essentials, or just can’t play an event to max, communication is key. We maybe able to work around that, but it’s important that you keep us informed. The Line app (text based messenger service, no voice or video) is advisory in AoP 2 as it’s useful for organising events, pvp mercing or socializing within the AoP group. 

AoP 3 (Line App highly recommended)

This is an for players for 4*/5* players seeking an active but occasionally slightly more casual approach than AoP Elite and as such, you will be expected to have rostered all 4*/3*/2* as well as a decent amount of 5* rostered. The expectation is that players are able to get all rewards in boss events, full progression in standard PVE and to achieve 1.25 x max in new 4* or 5* character events. Daily play and good communication in case you might not make requirements is essential, Line is preferred but we can work with in game chat if necessary. We do understand that RL interferes sometimes, but are also looking to protext a good ranking. We strive to place t50 as alliance, but always place at least t100.

AoP 4ever (Line app advisory but not compulsory)

This is our fourth alliance and is aimed at players wanting to progress to our T100 teams. You’ll be asked to remain active and be building your roster. The minimum requirement will be the four star cover reward in PVE events up to SCL9, for SCL 10 the minimum requirement is the 250 four star rewards after the four star cover (there are no PvP requirements), to achieve personal max progression in boss events and have ambition to score more until end of round 8. This team will also accept much more experienced players looking to still play daily, but have no demanding requirements, and willing to help coach the relatively newer members. Line app is used mainly during boss events, but also for easy teaching and to stay in touch with the AoP group.

AoP Casual (Line app advisory but not compulsory)

Our 5th alliance which is for experienced players looking for a very chilled home. The only requirement here is daily play and hitting it early and often in Boss Events as max team progression is a requirement. Players in Casual can if they wish merc out for selected pve or pvp events, for pve within the AoP group if there are spots available, but otherwise assistance is available to merc outside AoP. For mercing, the Line app is necessary.


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    AoP Elite has THREE spots open. We're looking for strong players that reach full completion and beyond on SCL10 or 9.

    PvP is not required but LINE is. PM if interested or hit up any of our officers on LINE:

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    We still have the above spot open in Elite, and also one in AoP 3. Contact us if interested in either one.
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    AoP 3 is a t50/t100 ranking pve alliance that will have a spot open from friday the 4th of June. We ask for minimum full progression in pve, sometimes 1.25 x full progression. As we are pve focussed, we ask that our players have the majority of 4* rostered so they can play at least the 4* essential node, but it is not a problem if they play scl7 for instance. Full participation in boss events, we finish them fast.

    Line is really useful for coordination and communication, but if you cannot install it and communicate well in game, we can work with that.

    contact me on Line, my ID is itsuka789, or on Discord Itsuka7#6636. Alternatively, pm me here on the forum. 

    *update AoP 3 spot is filled, AoP Elite is still recruiting *
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    *Update* The position has been filled.

    A spot has just opened up for Aop Elite. We're looking for a dedicated player that hits 1.25x consistently in every event. 

    We're a T25 alliance with dreams of reaching T10 status. We have a real life priority policy and accommodate members who need to take time off for vacation or real life stuff. 

    If you think this suits you and are in it for the long haul contact us on LINE: 

  • ProfShoehorn
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    I would like to apply for a spot in the AoP Casual alliance. My current alliance just does not have enough active players to have a reasonable shot at completing boss events anymore and I am looking for a PvE focused alliance that can.

    My in-game name is Prof Shoehorn and I am currently in the HeaviestMetal alliance if you want to check out my entire roster. In brief, I have every 3-5* rostered, with 10 5*s in baby champ range (450-453).

    I play the final time slot in PvE and regularly go past progression in SLC 10. How much beyond progression depends on how hard are the green nodes and how much of a liability is my required 5*. In the last PvE event (Honor Among Thieves), I scored 79203 (which works out to be 1.5x progression and 25% of what my alliance scored in the event.)

    In boss events, I also regularly hit personal progression. In the Heroic Shuma event, my alliance only got to the first Scorpion cover; I know that this boss event was not exactly normal, but my alliance has stalled out on round 8 in just about every boss event for the last 6 months. I scored around 930K (sorry that I can't pull up that exact data anymore) by Sunday morning; I could have gotten to 1.2 million if it looked like my alliance was even going to get close to the second Scorpion cover.

    Thank you for your consideration.
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    ProfShoehorn, I sent you a personal message here on the forum. You can reply to that message, or use other communication options as indicated. 
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    AoP Casual is recruiting, 1 spot. Despite its casual nature with no pve or pvp requirements but daily play and full boss event participation, AoP Casual always completes the boss event. To make that possible, you and your roster need to be able to beat a boss in round 8. 

    contact Line ID itsuka789 if interested, or Discord Itsuka7#6636
    You can also pm me on the forum, though I check that less often, or reply to this thread so I can pm you instead

    *position filled, but contact me on Line or Discord if you want on the waiting list*

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    AoP Elite has an open spot for an enthuastic SCL10 player. 

    We are a T25 alliance with 100% completion on boss events. Our minimum ask is 1.25x progression for regular events and 1.5x for NCE. PvP is optional with access to third part placement for event and season rewards. 

    We aspire to be T10 and ask our members to contribute as much as they can but also take into account real life commitments. Generally we don't replace players with the lowest scores as long as they stay active and contribute consistently.

    If this peaks your interest do get in touch with us on LINE: