AoP is *Recruiting* (old post, see new one above)

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    AoP Elite has THREE spots open. We're looking for strong players that reach full completion and beyond on SCL10 or 9.

    PvP is not required but LINE is. PM if interested or hit up any of our officers on LINE:

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    *Update* The position has been filled.

    A spot has just opened up for Aop Elite. We're looking for a dedicated player that hits 1.25x consistently in every event. 

    We're a T25 alliance with dreams of reaching T10 status. We have a real life priority policy and accommodate members who need to take time off for vacation or real life stuff. 

    If you think this suits you and are in it for the long haul contact us on LINE: 

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    I would like to apply for a spot in the AoP Casual alliance. My current alliance just does not have enough active players to have a reasonable shot at completing boss events anymore and I am looking for a PvE focused alliance that can.

    My in-game name is Prof Shoehorn and I am currently in the HeaviestMetal alliance if you want to check out my entire roster. In brief, I have every 3-5* rostered, with 10 5*s in baby champ range (450-453).

    I play the final time slot in PvE and regularly go past progression in SLC 10. How much beyond progression depends on how hard are the green nodes and how much of a liability is my required 5*. In the last PvE event (Honor Among Thieves), I scored 79203 (which works out to be 1.5x progression and 25% of what my alliance scored in the event.)

    In boss events, I also regularly hit personal progression. In the Heroic Shuma event, my alliance only got to the first Scorpion cover; I know that this boss event was not exactly normal, but my alliance has stalled out on round 8 in just about every boss event for the last 6 months. I scored around 930K (sorry that I can't pull up that exact data anymore) by Sunday morning; I could have gotten to 1.2 million if it looked like my alliance was even going to get close to the second Scorpion cover.

    Thank you for your consideration.
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    Update: Position has been filled. Thank you.

    AoP Elite has an open spot for an enthuastic SCL10 player. 

    We are a T25 alliance with 100% completion on boss events. Our minimum ask is 1.25x progression for regular events and 1.5x for NCE. PvP is optional with access to third part placement for event and season rewards. 

    We aspire to be T10 and ask our members to contribute as much as they can but also take into account real life commitments. Generally we don't replace players with the lowest scores as long as they stay active and contribute consistently.

    If this peaks your interest do get in touch with us on LINE:

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    Looking to join an alliance now. I got booted out of old one because of crashes last week.

    I only do lvl 10 and have a pretty strong rooster