AI Repeatedly casts "spell" side of Adventure cards [Investigating]

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edited 5 January 2022, 13:13 in MtGPQ Bugs & Technical Issues
I think we're all familiar with the "Adventure" mechanic on cards from the Edraine block.  It's a two-sided card, one side being a creature, the other being a spell.  When you cast the Spell side, the Creature side - and only this "side" - returns to your hand, allowing you to cast the creature.
During the Fables of Eldraine event while on the "Curious Pair" stage, I noticed that the AI was casting the Spell side of Oakhome Ranger/Bring Back and Curious Pair/Treats to Share over and over again, without ever casting the Creature side.  I had to play this stage a couple times as I had to carefully watch the number of cards the AI had in hand before I was reasonably certain that the AI was not following the rules of the Adventure mechanic.  I can't say for absolute certainty that this is the case, since I'm not privy to what's happening in my opponent's hand. 
The behavior should be fairly easy to reproduce - just play the Curious Pair stage and count/keep track of the number of Adventure cards that are played by the AI.  If anyone else has noticed this - or thinks I'm hallucinating - please respond accordingly.