Tergrid God and Liliana 1, always softlock [Investigating]

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Hello, first ever post here, hopefully something comes of it :)

I've tested this multiple times, as well as a fellow member of my coalition. When using Liliana, Defiant Necromancer's 1st ability, Corrupt, and when you have Tergrid God of Fright (the creature side) on the battlefield the game softlocks almost everytime. Liliana's ability discards two from each players hand and Tergrid should copy the opponents discarded cards (non-copy, non-spell) back in the players hand with full mana. It will successfully copy the first discarded card and give it full mana, however, it softlocks before it is able to copy the second discarded card, almost everytime. I'd say about 90% of the time it gives a lock. Not sure if this is caused by the way that Liliana's Corrupt works or maybe what is discarded. I've tested Tergrid god with other cards that discard, like Infinite Obliteration, and I've found no issues.

I am using the latest version of Android, was in Training Grounds and PvE events, my deck had no other cards known to softlock, not even tokens other than Tergrid God side. I have sent in a ticket with screenshots and videos of two separate matches. Not sure if this works but here's a few screenshots as I cant find much of a way to add pics/videos to this post. https://imgur.com/a/tojqhrm

Please look into this and fix if possible as the two combo together so well the 10% of time it actually works :smile:



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