False german translations [Investigating]

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Like recommended by Asylamb I'll list here false german translations in events and cards and update it everytime something is fixed or I find a new one.

1. Scrapheap Scrounger
While the english version says that Scrapheap Scrounger will be brought back from the graveyard when another creature gets killed, the german version says the killed creature itself will be brought back. Huge difference.

2. Hanweir the Writhing Township
The german translation of Hanweir the Writhing Township is missing a sentence:
"When this creature attacks, summon 1 3/2 Eldrazi Horror token." is omitted in the german version. The effect works nonetheless, the token is created. It just doesn't say so on the card.

3. Embodiment of Agonies
In the german version there stands "Dann erhält sie für jede Karte namens +1 in deinem Friedhof +1/Verkörperung des Schmerzes" instead of "Dann erhält sie für jede Karte namens Verkörperung des Schmerzes in deinem Friedhof +1/+1"

4. Treasury Thrill
While in the English version it is classified that the tokens get only created when a black or white non-creature spell is played that part is omitted in the german version. The German version says the tokens to be created by EVERY non-creature spell. It works like the English one.

5. Palladium Myr
You gain three mana when you combine three or more loyalty gems. In the German version the word "loyalty" is missing.
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