Terror in the Shadows node charging change?

critmancritman Posts: 389 Mover and Shaker
Have you changed the way that the nodes charge in TiS? My nodes seemed to spring from empty to full today, and now they're telling me they won't respawn again for 19 hours.

It seems like you've taken the positive feedback for daily charges in Colossal Tussle, and applied the same philosophy to TiS?

This, in theory, is good! We do like the way Colossal Tussle charges!

However, I think I might have lost some potential charges in some nodes because I had not played all of the charges in all of my nodes? Colossal Tussle never caps out because the max charge cap for nodes is so high.

But, I think that the max charge cap for TiS is low enough that charges may be lost? Perhaps I'm mistaken because I've had to figure out whats been going on on the fly.

Anyway, if I'm correct about everything I've written here, then my feedback would be: Yes! Do change other events so that they charge up like Colossal Tussle, but please make sure that the max charge caps for the nodes is high enough that we don't lose charges, especially if we don't know how often and how many charges nodes will charge before it happens!


  • Michael_WCMichael_WC Posts: 65 Match Maker
    I too experienced something similar. Figuring I would play TiS the way I have been for months I joined this morning and burned through my charges. Once I finished it showed my next refresh was in 20 hours, 2 hours after the event ends.

    Although I am perfect I am not able to place top in my bracket as usual since apparently you can now miss charges in this event?

    While I am with @critman that this is a positive change, changing how the event works without notice is a bit troubling.

    While not official the wiki still shows the max charges as 5 with an 8 hour refresh, so @critman and I can't be the only ones affected surely.
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