[Fixed] Featured Unit damage not working

Jasonwindy1Jasonwindy1 Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
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I’ve fought several pvp fights with Steel Platoon and Cobra troops snd it seems the “Featured Unit Damage” achievement is not advancing as both still read zero and i all my fights I drop those units first and the definitely deal damage.

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  • ElfNeedsFoodElfNeedsFood Posts: 944 Critical Contributor
    I am observing this as well and several other folks are reporting this in the forums.  I guess I'm just not destined to get those Steel Battalion cards this week!
  • oluapoluap Posts: 56 Match Maker
    i just noticed this earlier
  • RaithnorRaithnor Posts: 38 Just Dropped In
    Same here. Added my comment to signal boost this.
  • EmuEmu Posts: 20 Just Dropped In
    Does anybody know what units are causing the featured damage this event?  I wish they were explicit in the descriptions so we didn't just have to figure it out.  I thought it would be Steel Battalion & Cobra Troopers, but the meter hasn't moved when I use them.
  • Emperor_SerpentorEmperor_Serpentor Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
    Same here. 12 matches and nothing
  • BrigbyBrigby ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 7,757 Site Admin
    *Merged same topic threads
  • BrigbyBrigby ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 7,757 Site Admin
    Hi Everyone. This issue should now be fixed. Thanks for your patience and understanding!
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