THB Enchantment Gods static abilities not working [Investigating]

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I've noticed discrepancies with two of the enchantment Gods' status abilities

Erebos' static states:

When a creature dies: draw 2 cards and lose 3 life. Then the first opposing creature gets -2/-1.

I've cast kill spells against my opponent's creatures with Erebos in play, and didn't get the effect to trigger, even with my devotion to black above the threshhold for his first ability. I don't remember if my opponent had another creature for the second ability to target, which might not have been the case, given the other bug I seem to have found.

Thassa's static states:

At the end of your turn: you may exile target creature you control, then return it to the battlefield under your control. If you do, disable the last opposing creature until the beginning of your next turn.

I played a game with Thassa in play, her devotion threshold met, but couldn't get the triggered ability to work properly. At no time did my opponent have a creature in play for the second part of the ability to affect, but in other games where the opponent *did* have a creature, the ability worked properly.

Is this working as intended, or a bug?

If it's working as intended, then the wording on the card is *very* misleading.


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