Event Battle Tile Description (Battles, Indicators, Tiles)

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For "Buyout Box" events, it can be hard to decipher the availability and meaning of event tasks, such as "Challenge" battles, "Conquest" battles, and "Campaign" battles. Below, you will find a list of the event the even battle criteria needed to successfully earn your rewards.

Challenge Battle - (Army Camp, Sea Battle, Death From Above)

Conquest Battle - (Battle Log Opponents / Cobra or Joe Faction Tile)

Campaign Battle - (Game Progression Battle / Yellow/Red Story Tile)

Total War - (Use any unit; i.e., Leader/Troops/Vehicles of either Joe or Cobra factions in Conquest

Featured Unit Damage - (Use your event featured units; i.e., Leader/Troops/Vehicles of either Joe or
                                                 Cobra factions against other opponents.)

Hope this helps;
good luck in the next event!

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