LogansLoonies T100 Pve recruiting

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We have 2 spots availlable.

 We're a solid T100 pve alliance (T50 in around 50% of pve event).

Our requirements:

- Full progression on each event (1.2x for new release)

- Full progression for boss event

- No requirement for PvP

- Line (free phone app)

If you play PvP too, it's possible to merc out to another alliance in the same familly (T50 PvP). Mins depends to your roster.

You can contact me here or with Line (same name).



  • Cab61160Cab61160 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Hey, I'm interested.  User name cab61160 both here and Line.
    I am level 153
    Do full progression on each event and boss event, usually do a bit more, and occassional pvp

    Had a good alliance, but a few people left, then everyone else did too!  Was with it for over a year I think
  • Deus_HadesDeus_Hades Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    We have 2 spots left. As always, you can PM here or Line.
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