New exclusive [Knight's Charge] does not trigger it's adamant effect

Part of the newly dropped exclusive bundle. Had it on board and matched white and black gems and it did not bring any knights out of the GY (I had 4 in GY).

It doesn't work while on board and it doesn't work when cast from hand even when it has the gold spinny circle when adamant is triggered.


  • AvahadAvahad Posts: 176 Tile Toppler
    Did you match black and white in the same turn? That’s how I read the card would work and It put me right off grabbing it early 

    (not that I’ve needed much more persuading to reign in my spending but tha another story)
  • QuantiusQuantius Posts: 226 Tile Toppler
    That would be awfully challenging to do in the same turn and I have not had that happen yet. I guess I can test it by running a bunch of gem changers to increase the liklihood of matching both in one turn.
  • AvahadAvahad Posts: 176 Tile Toppler
    Which is why I have no interest in the card as a pay to get.

    it does have a powerful effect so I suspect it is the case
  • QuantiusQuantius Posts: 226 Tile Toppler
    Welp, you are very correct. I just ran converter supports and got black and white matches on the same turn and it did trigger.
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