Sisay, Weatherlight Captain [Fix in 4.4]

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Sisay states "for each color among nontoken cards you control" in both her enters the battlefield and activated abilities.

However, she ignores Vanguard supports entirely.


  • Enygma6Enygma6 Posts: 265 Mover and Shaker
    Bumping this to add that she also does not buff again when cast to reinforce, even though it's an "enters the battlefield" effect. 
    On initial cast, her buff appears to work correctly (I did not specifically check for Vanguards, so that might still be an issue).  However, when reinforced via casting a second copy, this does not happen.  I tested this in a match where I used Deploy the Gatewatch, and subsequently cast 3 extra copies from hand as reinforcements.  The initial card triggered the ETB as it came from Deploy, and received the buff.  But each of the following casts she only received +3/+3 as her base P/T.

    Several other cards in the game have buffs on ETB, and do so when being reinforced.  I remember this being an issue when Tishana, Voice of Thunder was first introduced to the game as well, and that card was eventually fixed to be consistent with everything else.

    This is with iOS version 3.9.1 of the game.
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    Alright, alright, alright... This was my first MP from the set. -_-
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    Every single card Oktagon has designed with an Enters the Battlefield Buff does not work if you cast a second copy of that creature, going back to Ixalan.  You'd think they figured it out by now, but I guess not.
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    Stonecoil Serpent needs to be added to the list.  Pretty pathetic for a 1/1 with Reach that costs 9+X to not be able to self-buff where X maxes out at 2.
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    Hello guys,

    Thank you for your feedback!
    This issue was already being investigated.
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    Tacking on to this one saying she doesn't buff after the 1st cast. 
  • FirinmahlazerFirinmahlazer Posts: 401 Mover and Shaker
    Bringing this back up. She still doesn't buff on a reinforcement
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