Fables of Eldraine Objective issues [Fix in 4.1]

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Giant Opportunity Objective
Veteran: "Cast 3 or more creatures with a cost of 0 or more"
Assuming there is a bug with this objective as casting creatures doesn't move the needle on it. Creatures were pulled in via Chord of Calling, Concoct and casting from hand and the objective sticks counter sticks at 0/3. Creature costs were 7, 16 and 13

Lovestruck Beast
Peasant: "Cast 10 or more cards with {Evergreen} during a single fight".
This one started at 6/10 before a card was played on my side and I played creatures with trample, berserk, flying, etc and it just sat at 6/10.

I may misunderstand these 2 objectives but i think there is a bug with both of them. Not a huge deal as you can clear 110 points without either but wanted to mention it. 


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    Giants Opportunity not fixed as of 4.0.1

    As they have now standardized objective names we now know that "Peasant" means use only common, uncommon, or rare.  No idea why it would say different.  It still has the wrong text.

    Bumping as patch notes mentioned some fixes but it was not for this event

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