Wave nodes in Boss events still occasionally fail to give full points.

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This is an issue that has been going on for a long time. I have sent multiple tickets to Customer Support and they have told me on one occasion that it has been fixed. But, it's not. I've given up on sending tickets, because it seems this would be one of those bugs that will never get fixed. So, I just want to raise some awareness about it.

I was hoping the latest patch about wave nodes giving all the rewards was about this issue, but it's not. So, I think this issue still needs raising, rather than ignoring. I've mentioned this to other players, but they either never experienced it, never paid any attention to it, or didn't care because it didn't affect them significantly.

I started noticing this when I was still trying to get as much points as possible in the Boss Events, maybe a year or two ago.

Sometimes, the wave nodes fail to give the points from their second waves. If that happened, the wave node would still show the value of the second wave, even though the node already has a red check mark. I have noticed this occurring when I used a character that has a passive power and there's either a cascade or match-5 happening. Most notably, I had this happening when I used a combination of 5* Thanos, Medusa, 3* Thanos, and America Chavez. 

I accept for some people, missing 1000-5000 pts per round probably won't make much of a difference. However, I'm quite certain there are some players who could miss out on their rewards due to being unaware of the missing points.

This still happened to me during the current run of Sinister Six. I'm going to keep a log here and others can too if they want to. Maybe they will make it a priority to fix if there a more players sending tickets about it.

Here is a log of the events:

28th June 2018 Avengers vs Ultron. Wasp required node. Points left 1268.

29th June 2018 Avengers vs Ultron. Wasp required node. Points left 1492.

11th November 2018 X-Men vs Apocalypse. Beast required node. Points left 3984.

17th May 2019 Civil War. Hulkbuster required node. Points left 1065.

6th June 2019 Galactus Hungers. Kingpin required node. Points left 1268.

2nd July 2019 Avengers vs Ultron. Blade required node. Points left 1204.

I can't remember what teams I used, but most likely either 5* Thanos or Medusa. I think CS has all the screenshots (similar to below).

1st November 2019 Sinister Six Thor required node. Points left 1492. Team used: OML, Thor, 3* Thanos. I didn't take any screenshot this time, because I've told CS last time I wasn't going to send any more tickets.

Screenshots (taken from different nodes from the same event):

How it appears when all the points are given.

How it appears when not all of the points are given (1065 pts left).

7 February 2020: X-Men vs Apocalypse Jean Grey required node. Points left 1492. Team used: 5*ProfX, 4*JeanGrey, BetaRayBill


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