TheNew02-daily/boss event player? Recruiting :)

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TheNew02 is a new alliance which recently cleared basilica round 6 starting with 11 members full by closing midnight ;) 16 participants, 14 scores 7 clears. 

We have a few positions getting ready to be open, if you are ready to play daily and hustle alliance events(our only requests) please message me here and we'll get you in(19/20 public right now show up). I  check throughout the day, cept the 2 or 3 hrs of sleep I can muster :o 

We'll be clearing next alliance event fo sho.

Public alliance, no chat necessary but warm bodies bring smiles. Friendly helpful team. Casual Daily/Alliance event based team. Members use chat scroll, and some here on forum...

Ign sabaton74 commander TheNew02 (public pending 20/20 )

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