Another Hoard Cracked for Doom and Hela

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So I entered with 173 LL tokens and 2488 CP.  Ended up (with rewards) earning another 21 LL and 275 CP.  I kept the CP but cracked the additional 21 LL for  a total of 293 draws.  I received 44 5* covers from pulls and 1 additional 5* bonus hero (Thanos).  This was a pull rate of around 15% (not counting the one bonus hero) so around the stated odds which pleased me.  What did not please me was the actual breakdown of those 5* covers:  I received 21 Captain Marvel covers, 13 Hela covers and only 10 Doom covers.   My Doom is at 2/5/3 (with one extra black cover saved and I had one blue cover for him already before this pull) and my Hela is at 5/5/2 (with one extra red cover saved)  I had bonus Bishop and end up pulling 10 bonus covers for him.  I already had 2 CM covers and I champed her and she is now at level 460.

My most pulled 4* (outside of Bishop with bonus covers) was Vulture at 8 covers, followed closely by Gamora and X-23, both at 7 covers.  

The only two 4* that I did not pull any covers for was Ghost Rider and TA Hulk.  

I was happy with the pull rates but the distribution was horrible getting so many CM covers, the least of the three 5* that I wanted.  I will most likely be able to cover Hela in the future but Doom may end up waiting for quite a bit which is a bummer since he was the one I wanted to cover the most.  

I now have CM as my highest 5* at level 460 and have found a fun team with her, 50% Thor and Vulture.  She tanks for everything and the team earns AP so fast.  I use Thor as the damage dealer for his powers while CM does great match damage and Vulture stays continuously airborne generating AP.  
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