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3.4 Pre-Release Notes (5/13/19)

BrigbyBrigby ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 6,955 Site Admin

3.4 Pre-Release Notes

(*Important note: Anything listed below is subject to change before release. We will try to update any changes in a timely manner, but please keep in mind the info below is not guaranteed.)

The 3.4 update arrives with a plethora of content, including changes to the Zendikar vs Eldrazi Duel Decks event, card balance changes, new special bundles, a slew of bug fixes, and the brand new VIP Membership feature!

Check out all the details below.

New Feature: VIP Membership

What if we told you there was a way that players could achieve better rewards faster through game progression without detracting from the fun and engaging experience of the game? Say hello to VIP Membership!

Check out all the details about VIP Membership HERE

Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi Rework

When we launched Duel Decks, many players were excited about its concept, however we also heard a lot of feedback about how it could be improved. As a result, our team decided to temporarily remove the Zendikar vs. Eldrazi from the event schedule back in January, so that we could make some adjustments to it based on player feedback.

Check out the full details about the Zendikar vs. Eldrazi adjustments HERE

Event Objective Changes

  • Added a Hint for Summon and Cast in Objectives
    • Summon: A card is summoned if it's placed on the battlefield from anywhere
    • Cast: A card is cast if it's played from your hand
  • General - Fix
    • Objectives that require the player to Summon Creatures now correctly count token Creatures that are summoned onto the opponent's battlefield. (For example, Turn to Frog)
  • Emrakul's Corruption
    • Burst objective has changed from "Summon 2 or less creatures during a single fight" to "Cast 2 or less creatures during a single fight."
  • Trial of Zeal
    • In the Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun encounter, the Burst objective has its value changed from 3 to 6 and now reads. "Cast 6 or less creatures during a single fight."
  • Trial of Ambition
    • The Commander objective on the Blue node now correctly counts both Summoned and Cast Creatures
  • Fate is Rarely Fair
    • The Gadgeteer objective now correctly counts Supports that cost exactly 10 mana.
  • Gideon Heroic Encounter 3
    • The Burst objective now correctly counts Summoned Creatures that don't have the Defender evergreen
  • Terrors in the Shadows
    • The Burst objective now correctly counts both non-token and token Creatures.

Card Balance Changes

  • Mirror March now enables non-token creatures affected by its effects to remain with Haste until end of turn.
  • Vivien's Invocation now deals X damage to your opponent's first creature, where X is its base power.
  • Warping Wail now exiles the first opposing creature with toughness 6 or less.
  • Pathway Arrows now costs 6 mana, and says "Activate 2: deal 1 damage..."
  • Captain's Claws now costs 13 mana, has 4 shield, and says "...control gains +2/+0 and summons 2 1/1 Kor Ally token..."
  • Shambling Vent now costs 8 mana, and says "Activate 2: The first creature..."
  • Lumbering Falls now costs 3 mana, and says "Activate 2: Give +3/+3 and..."
  • Ally Encampment now says "Activate 2: Each Ally creature in your hand gains 2 mana."
  • Hedron Archive now costs 10 mana, and has 2 shield.
  • Lumbering Battlement now says "...this creature gets +3/+3 for each card exiled this way."
  • Rakdos Trumpeter now says "Activate 2 Red: This creature gets +2/+0 until end of turn."
  • Admiral Beckett Brass now says "While this creature is on the battlefield, other Pirates you control get +3/+2. When this creature deals damage, if you control 1 or more Pirates, gain control of the first creature your opponent controls."

Planeswalker Changes

  • Sarkhan Fireblood's third ability, Dragonkin's Call, now reads "Create 2 Dragon tokens."

Bug Fixes

  • A soft-lock no longer occurs when casting any card that allows the player to select a target after summoning a third Creature that boosts other Creatures while the player has two Creature on the battlefield.
  • A soft-lock no longer occurs when casting multiple Cartouche cards after the player summons a Creature while the opponent's battlefield is empty.
  • A soft-lock no longer occurs when returning one or more Creatures to the opponent's control such that they would control four or more Creatures
  • A soft-lock no longer occurs when selecting either button on the Select Creature prompt while the player's only Creature has Summoning Sickness after it is given Evergreens through a card's effect.
  • A soft-lock no longer occurs when exiling all non-Creature cards from the player's hand while Nikya of the Old Ways is on the player's battlefield
  • A soft-lock no longer occurs when Etrat, the Silencer exiles Josu's Zombie tokens.
  • Rising Tensions no longer grants an erroneous extra 20 Card Experience after completing a secondary objective.
  • Rising Tensions no longer grants an erroneous extra 200 Mana Runes after completing a secondary objective.
  • The opponent no longer draws a card when the opponent's Djinn's Wish Support gem token is destroyed while the player controls a Bolas's Omnipotence Support gem token on the board.
  • The fetched Spell card from matching one of Chaos Wand's Activated gems is now added to the player's hand, instead of to the top of the library with no mana, when the opponent's hand is full
  • The DOM Historic Cards Booster Pack has been corrected to no longer contain several non-Historic cards.
  • The RIX Bonus Rare is no longer missing from Battle of Four Tribes - Part 1 in tiers Silver, Gold, and Platinum
  • Event points are now being properly calculated after completing an encounter's objectives once in the Trial of Zeal event
  • Creatures returned from the graveyard by Ajani, Adversary of Tyrant's Atoned Scars ability, while a copy of that Creature is already on the battlefield, now correctly returns with all of its reinforcements.
  • Cards from the RNA set are no longer missing when viewing the contents of a Standard Booster pack earned through Player Level
  • Fiery Intervention is now valid to cast when it has full mana, while the opponent controls at least one Creature on the battlefield with only infinite Support gems on the board
  • Cards from the opponent's graveyard are now directly added into the player's graveyard when casting Mnemonic betrayal, as opposed to being added to the player's hand first.
  • The same card is no longer displayed twice when viewing the Move Card prompt after Hatchery Spider enters the battlefield while the player has only one Support or Creature with at least 2 copies in their library.
  • Both summoned and cast Creatures now correctly count towards the Commander objective on the Blue node of the Trial of Ambition event.
  • Supports that cost exactly 10 mana are now correctly being counted towards the Gadgeteer objective in the Fate is Rarely Fair event.
  • The first Spell in the opponent's graveyard is no longer erroneously moved to the player's hand when casting Dire Fleet Daredevil while the player has no other cards in hand.
  • Objectives that require the player to Summon Creatures now correctly count token Creatures that are summoned onto the opponent's battlefield.
  • The Burst objective in Gideon Heroic Encounter 3 now correctly counts Summoned Creatures that don't have the Defender evergreen
  • The Burst objective in the Terrors in the Shadows event now correctly counts both non-token and token Creatures.
  • When a Creature is returned to the player's hand with Applied Biomancy, it is no longer treated as still being on the battlefield.
  • Silverfur Partisan's effect no longer remains inactive when casting a Spell on another controlled Werewolf
  • [Oath of the Gatewatch - Part 2] Madness Spell cards are no longer valid targets when the opponent activates Reality Smasher's Smash Reality Planeswalker ability while the first Spell card in the player's hand is a Madness card.
  • [Oath of the Gatewatch - Part 2] Madness cards no longer gain 0 mana when the opponent activates Reality Smasher's Smash Reality Planeswalker ability while the player has a Madness card in their hand.
  • The opponent's Creature is now properly Destroyed when Font of Agonies's Activation gems are matched.
  • Walking Archive now correctly activates at the beginning of the opponent's turn as well, as opposed to just the player's turn.
  • Galloping Lizrog now properly receives +1/+1 for each Adapt gem removed from the board when it enters the battlefield.
  • Split cards are no longer unable to be exiled from the player's hand if they are on the flipped side.
  • Dagger Caster now properly deals damage when entering the battlefield while the opponent controls no Creatures
  • Baral's Expertise no longer remains inactive in the player's hand instead of being cast, when casting Baral's Expertise while there are no other cards that cost 8 or less mana in the player's hand.
  • The Riot Evergreen trigger is no longer missing when a Creature is fetched from the library and enters the battlefield after being given the Riot Evergreen by Rhythm of the Wild
  • Gruul Spellbreaker now properly gains Hexproof when casting a Creature while Gruul Spellbreaker is in play.
  • Buff Creatures the player control now properly gain Flying when Skatewing Spy enters the battlefield.
  • Opponent's Creatures now properly lose Defender when the player's Creatures attack after summoning Rumbling Ruin.
  • Galloping Lizrog no longer gains buffs from opposing Adapted Gems when either the opponent or the player casts Galloping Lizrog, while one or both players control Adapted gems.
  • The player's mana bonuses no longer remain the same, as opposed to increase, when Nikya of the Old Ways enters the battlefield after the player's mana bonuses have already been increased prior.
  • District Guide's effect no longer remains inactive when District Guide is summoned from the player's hand, while there are 5 other cards in the player's hand.
  • Creatures are no longer removed from the game when selecting the Not Now button in the Replace Creature prompt after they're summoned from the graveyard through their own effect while the player's battlefield is full.
  • When an opponent's Transform card is stolen by the player, the Transformed side of the card no longer gets drawn at the beginning of the player's turn.
  • When casting Bedeck and targeting a Creature with 4 or greater toughness, the Creature's stats are now properly changed until end of turn, as opposed to permanently.
  • The Updated Deck prompt no longer continues to display after purchasing a Planeswalker while owning enough cards to complete one of their preset decks in the Planeswalkers Story screen
  • Dowsing Dagger no longer transforms when the player's second or third Creature deals combat damage to the opponent's Planeswalker.
  • [Rising Tensions] Copied Spell cards no longer remain inactive, instead of being case, when casting a Copy card during the turn created by the Izzet League event specific Support.
  • The player's cards are now properly shuffled into the player's library, as opposed to the opponent's library, when casting Kaya, Orzhov Usurper's Ability Ruinous Wake, while the player has cards in their graveyard.
  • Death Baron's buff when reinforcing Zombie or Skeleton creatures is no longer removed when Death Baron is removed from the battlefield.
  • Favorite Deck Slots no longer carry over when switching from a Facebook account with any number of Favorite Deck Slots unlocked to an account with no Favorite Deck Slots unlocked.
  • Fixed some text issues
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