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Union Force XY [Top100 PVE] *currently full*

Mrcl25Mrcl25 Posts: 30 Just Dropped In
edited May 15 in MPQ Alliances

UNION FORCE XY - We are a top100 PVE alliance, and are looking for good PVE players to help us push for top 50.

We get all rewards in boss events in 2 days.

A solid roster of 4* with a few well covered 5* is preferable, but not required. We are looking for someone who will get at least full progression on every event, so even if you have a younger roster but plays hard, you will be most welcome. We have some veterans who can help you develop if that is the case.

Pvp is a bonus, many of our members play but there is no minimum requirement.

We don't require that players chat or use Line, only that they let the commanders know if they can't play an event for any reason, and that they communicate when necessary on alliance events that require coordination.

If you want to join, look us up in the game (private alliance) and apply. We are waiting for you! :)


  • AlexNapalmAlexNapalm Posts: 101 Tile Toppler
    Union Force XY is looking or 1 more player that can regularly get full progression in PVE events. Search us under private alliances if you're interested or PM myself or Mrcl25 if you have any questions. 
  • Mrcl25Mrcl25 Posts: 30 Just Dropped In
    We still have one spot open at UNION FORCE XY, come and be a part of Union Force.

    Here are screenshots of our scores on the last few events:

    Avengers vc. Ultron (event still ongoing, already got all rewards)

    Meet Rocket and Groot (only 19 players)

    Strange Sights 

    The Hunt

  • Mrcl25Mrcl25 Posts: 30 Just Dropped In
    edited April 27

    Here is how we did in Ultron event:

  • Mrcl25Mrcl25 Posts: 30 Just Dropped In
    edited May 15
    Edit: we are full again.

    We have one open spot, if you want to join search for us in game and apply (private alliance), or let me now if you have any questions.

  • Mrcl25Mrcl25 Posts: 30 Just Dropped In
    This is how we did at Civil War. We got all rewards from both sides and finished 14th in team Cap and 41st in team Iron Man.

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