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Vivien's Invocation + Trostani lead to no tokens being generated [Fix in 3.8]

Tilwin90Tilwin90 Posts: 647 Critical Contributor
I had a Zacama on the battlefield and a Trostani + 2 tokens generated by it. I pushed another one onto the battlefield with Vivien's Invocation. I would have expected putting another Trostani onto the battlefield to trigger its ETB effects. I am convinced the extra tokens were not generated. I don't remember for sure if the pump effect still happened, but if I recall correctly it did (granting a +1/+1 to my token stack and to Zacama herself).

While this may be another "summon vs cast" situation (which is still super ridiculous and confusing to begin with), but the description of Trostani does suggest this is supposed to be an ETB effect, not a cast effect.

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  • CaitiriCaitiri Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
    edited January 2019
    Pump is working, tokens are not. I opened a thread on it a couple days ago. It was all working before the update.
  • TombstoneTombstone ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 1,168 Chairperson of the Boards
    Thank you for reporting this. I can confirm that the team is currently aware of this issue with Trostani Discordant's Tokens. I'll add this to the bug list for reference. 
  • Mburn7Mburn7 Posts: 3,177 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited April 2019
    Still not working as of 4/16/19

    Also not working (same bug) with Killer Instinct
  • NinjaENinjaE Posts: 206 Tile Toppler
    Mburn7 said:
    Still not working as of 4/16/19

    Also not working (same bug) with Killer Instinct

    Confirming not working with Killer Instinct
  • TheophilusTheophilus Posts: 69 Match Maker
    Reconfirming (and reminding) that it's still not working with Killer Instinct. I'm not sure about other interactions. Please fix this.
  • MonkeynuttsMonkeynutts Posts: 566 Critical Contributor
    edited June 2019
    I can confirm still happens

    Oh and Trostani doesnt deal damage either....
  • Mburn7Mburn7 Posts: 3,177 Chairperson of the Boards
    Can confirm, still a bug.

    Trostani will buff your creatures, but not make tokens if fetched to the battlefield (with Invocation or Killer Instinct, among others)

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