The Grand Experiment: Can you transition to 5*s pulling as you go as a progession-only F2P player?



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    Elite token gave me an LT champ level from 3* Loki.

    X23: purple
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 4,833 Chairperson of the Boards
    25cp in latest
    Elektr4: Black (lvl 280)
    EB Venom: Black (2nd saved)
    daily deal in DPvMPQ vault hit the LT
    Prowler: Black (4/3/4)
    30cp from SS progression
    rogue:Red (lvl 293)

    im up to 307k iso, probably champ Robbie tomorrow sometime? Maybe tonight.
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 4,833 Chairperson of the Boards
    Got a 3* gamora LT champ level from SS closing out

    XFDP: Red (5th saved)

    got a Hawk3ye LT champ level from the DPvMPQ vault

    Prowler:Blue (4/4/4)
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    Gotta love that wonderful Prowler cover dispersion. Even though it’s not as important as it was before.
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 4,833 Chairperson of the Boards
    I’m still pretty hype for Prowler, I’ll be getting the 13th from dpvmpq in the next day or so. Who knows when I’ll have the iso though lol

    I got up over 25cp again.
    Nebula:green (3/5/8)

  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 4,833 Chairperson of the Boards
    For posterity, the 5* champ tax is 20k iso. I had the face value of GRRR, and threw it on to find out. I need to come up with another 12k here shortly to finish the job.
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    Wow, having a level 450 (unchamped) 5* changes EVERYTHING about match lengths in SCL9, particularly against tile movers. I'm running Robbie in DP vs MPQ with Domino/Valkyrie, and when Hell Ride goes off at 5 covers, each repeater can be doing around 7k damage if it's surrounded by the correct colors. So if you chase Bounty Hunter around, you stay flush with green, the black stays on the board for HR repeaters to keep burning, and then you can just fire off Damnation for 11-16k damage every time you have the juice. 

    I took a quick look at some matches in both Trial by Combat and Simulator, and even after skipping a few, i'm not seeing any difference in my MMR. I don't know that I should have expected that to change immediately, or if it takes a little while to sink in, but so far, so good on that front. I'll be very curious to see what happens after i pay the champ tax, if anything.

    *Edit* NOW i'm seeing the change to MMR - near max-champ C4rol/G4mora teams in trial by combat, or lvl 456 Kitty/4ocket teams. Haven't tried to fight one to see how awful it might be, but they are worth good points at least...
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    Just queued up an all-boosted lvl 327 She-Hulk/lvl 444 G4mora/ lvl 479 C4rol team in Trial to see if I could do it. I brought a lvl 343 She-Hulk/279 Valkyrie (unboosted)/450 Gho5t Rider (unchamped). 

    I came out the other side victorious, but with just Robbie still standing at 4572 health out of 57,846. going to be fun moving forward lol.

    Also I was floating all night at 666pts, and after beating this one match, i was up to 714. I'm starting to get hit now by single and dual-champ 5* teams, and I'm back down to 650. I'm curious what my new floating point is going to be, and if i'll be back to 575-and-out PVP play from now on
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    Currently working on the support circuit to try and grind out the final 7k iso i'm short to champ GRRR. Kind of laughing to myself about my new float point, which is gone from over 700 down to around 400 across the mid-morning. I may stop laughing and start crying before too long here...
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    Gho5t Rider is champed, had 2 in the bank so there was an LT in the deal as well

    Valkyrie: Red (lvl 276)
    America Chavez: Red (lvl 287)

    Now that I can re-speck him, i'm going to go back into PVP at some point and see if running him with a boosted 4* partner makes hanging on to points unshielded any better. I'm now floating at 389pts in Trial by Combat leaving him in with an un-boosted Valkyrie.
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    Man; that Support Circuit at SCL9 was no joke - Domino/Valkyrie/Ghost Rider was particularly ill-suited to defeating that Doom at the top of it, but switching to boosted Main Event/Ghost Rider/ 4/2/2 lv 255 JJ got it done in the end. I feel vindicated that JJ goes well with GRRR, so I'm happy to continue chasing Chavez for that. I'm going to start throwing iso into JJ here soon after I get back on my feet.
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    Beat the Quake crash with a 5/5/3 lvl 111 Quake. LT got me

    4ocket: green (3cp)


    Reed: Black (8th saved)
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    I ended up bottoming out in Trial by Combat just under 400pts.

    i climbed back up to 550 with boosted 4*s, and I seem to be floating ok there. So I guess the unchamped Robbie and non boosted Valkyrie were the problem earlier.

    worth noting: im on an 18 pull dry spell
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    I hit the LT in ddq today
    Hulkbuster: Blue 

    Got a purple Goblin from daily rewards for a 2/2/2 build. Last Devil D I need coming in 3 days, and a Yellow OML coming in 5 more days (that will make him feedable at 3/1/3). This is a particularly bountiful block of daily rewards up here around 1090.

    I was able to push further up into Trial by Combat today as an experiment - I can win on offense if I don't go against champion Kitty teams and got as high as 770 before I started taking hits again. I'm sitting now unshielded, and I'm at 693. It seems the key with a non-meta 5* is leaving in a good boosted 4* on your defense team. People don't seem to like going up against Main Event, since the wrong Gamma Powerbomb can 1-shot a champ 5*.
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    Im40 from DDQ was good for an LT

    Kitty:Yellow (2/2/0)

    more of that, please lol
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    Got the 10cp from DPvsMPQ plus a bunch of the incidental node cp, put me over 25. Then the 30 from finishing got me another draw.
    Nebula: Green (4th saved)
    Kingpin: Green (see what I mean about excessive dry spells getting broken with hot streaks?)

    So far for January I've had 54 draws in latest. I'd have had 57, but I spent 75cp in the Masked Vengeance store (successfully) chasing the last cover I needed for Gho5t Rider. If I include those 3 MV draws as possible LL draws, I'm earning on average 1.97 draws/day playing like this. I suspect I'll be able to earn my way to feedable 5*s like this, but probably not enough to guarantee champion coverage by pulling as I go. It still remains to be seen.

    7:54 were 5*s (2 Kitty, 2 Kingpin, 3 Cable) 12.96%
    1 of those 5*s gave a bonus Gho5t Rider

    47 of those were 4*s
    5 of those gave me bonus heroes

    My current cover spreads on the characters in Latest are:

    Kitty: 2/2/0
    Cable: 1/3/1
    Kingpin: 0/0/2

    I have maybe 1 more week with Kitty in latest, I'd happily take as many covers as they'll give me since she is strong even incomplete. Cable plays well with Gho5t Rider, so I'd similarly take all the Liefelds I can get. Kingpin is universally hated on the forum, but with my 2 green covers I can't really tell for myself. He seems particularly vulnerable to the Kitty meta, and overlaps a ton with GRRR, so if he becomes my next fully covered 5 it probably won't be awesome for me. 

    Now that I have a single 5*, and a non-meta 5* at that, some of this thread has been devoted to what that life is like. I'd wager that Gho5t Rider is far from the worst 5* I could have lucked into, but is certainly not as strong of a transitional 5* as somebody like Kitty, Okoye, or JJ would have been. He is awesome at chewing through story nodes on SCL9 in the way that probably any high-match-damage 5* would be, and plays well with quite a few of the stronger 4* characters like Vulture, Chavez, and Domino. He keeps the colors on the board minimized by eating red/green/black with his Hell Ride tiles, which means JJ is more likely to cascade into her traps.

    So far I've found that 3* PVP is hard to hang on to points without shielding now. I was able to climb the Trial By Combat offensively, but even leaving in a boosted 4* had me down under 500 points after 4-5 hours. I'm trying a new experiment to join the 3* cap one late to see if I can climb it hard at the end.

    Shield Sim on the other hand has been good - i can leave interesting defense teams in that have been able to land some defense wins in the absence of a boost list. I need to climb the rest of that and get my 10th Bishop, so I'll be once again Shield Training Proof (he is my final non-limited 4* with less than 10 covers).

    Across this process I've finished off a bunch of my uncovered 4*s, so now the ones that are left are largely 5/5/1 (or similar) spreads where I need to snipe the correct colors. I have 10 non-limited 4* characters below 13 covers, only Bishop is at 9, and as previously mentioned the 10th is in the simulator. Taskmaster has 3/2/2 and Spider-Ham has 0/1/4. My non-complete 4* list is:

    Bl4de: 2/5/5 (1 saved)
    Cyclops: 5/5/1 (5 saved)
    Moon Knight: 2/5/5 (7 saved)
    Carnage: 5/5/2 (7 saved)
    Punisher: 5/4/2 (1 saved)
    Drax: 1/4/5 (2 saved)
    Jubilee: 5/4/3 (1 saved)
    Venom: 5/5/2 (2 saved)
    Bishop: 3/2/4

    Since Drax is so badly covered, and 5* Lord is technically feedable, I've set my 3* bonus hero to Rock3t to try and grind out a few more covers for him while i leave my 4* bonus on Chavez and my 5* bonus on Jessica Jones. Once Kingpin leaves latest, and the experiment has run it's course, I'm going to probably bank up 250cp as my new "0" point, that way if JJ comes back around as required I'll have the option to grab a cover.
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    It’s been fun keeping up with your journey so far. It seems like overall your gonna be ok champing GRRR which is cool. As for falling in PvP, everybody does lol, doesn’t matter what team you put out there somebody is going to feast on it.

    You have quite a bit of time on Cable still so if RNG falls your way a bit you may still have a shot...either way I’ll be watching cause it’s fun 😃
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 4,833 Chairperson of the Boards
    I was able to break 2,000pts In simulator with Main Event/GRRR/Domino in 73 wins lol. So now I’m ST proof again. Went up to Shield rank 127, and rechamped 2* Thor with 25 saved covers. Got 8cp from 3* Thor covers, I’m up to 24cp.

    i started the Cap pvp, and it’s been ok to climb to 400 but I’m out of health from climbing sim. Seems easier than TbC even though my cap is a baby champ from a recent sell-off of a max-champ. The event token I got got me the last cover I need for Moon Knight with a bonus Chavez bringing her to 288. I get a decent amount of 4* bonus covers from PvP tokens.
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    I got a few loose CP from DDQ and Shield Training to get up over 25

    got a Quake: Blue (9 saved)

    I got another Main Event and another black Moon Knight from Venom Bomb tokens in Namor's shield training - fun that i got the last color i was missing from Moon Knight 2 days in a row. Namor is such a letdown, apropos of nothing.
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    I was able to push up to 800pts in First Avenger with GRRR, baby champ Cap, and Main Event (boosted) before I ran out of health. I decided to pop a 3hr shield, and i'll go back in this afternoon and try to push the rest of the way. I guess it was just She-Hulk that made the other one excessively hard? I find that Main Event is a decent counter to Kitty teams if Grand Entrance is maxed out. As often as not, maybe a little more often than not, it'll blast out 3-4 of the strikes and keep her from being able to boost them, and occasionally it'll actually create a few match-5 cascades such that it actually killed the 3* cap before they even got a turn. I actually kind of enjoy the swap-4 chaos, it plays well with Hell Ride to keep those tiles fresh when they burn to the bottom of the board. I'm considering messing around with a 3/5/5 GR build to see how useful Chain Whip becomes - many times enemies have just quietly killed themselves in the background when i have that out, and that's at 3 covers.
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