The Grand Experiment: Can you transition to 5*s pulling as you go as a progession-only F2P player?



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    Thanks y'all! I'm going to champ him, I like the heal he brings to the table and his black is solid all the time as opposed to GRRR who has to target the highest damage dealer or take a penalty. Ghost Rider is 452, and Doom is going to be 450 on the dot, but between the 2 of them I'd only be missing high purple match damage which ought to make some kind of difference for me. I'm curious how they'll play in Simulator. There are a number of 4* characters that would fit comfortably between them - Domino, TA Hulk, Chavez obviously, Main Event, C&D, probably other I'll come up with as i use them more. Should be interesting for awhile at least.

    Regarding Rescue - I don't know that she is completely useless, I think she might just be more like Kitty or Hawkguy who play down better than playing laterally, which is good for transitioners. I fought one in PVP that somebody'd champed early and paired with Bishop, and needless to say I did not win. Admittedly it was with the god-mode boost, so maybe it's different at normal levels? I don't know - I haven't come across one since then. I would be curious what a P4nther/Bishop/Rescue team looks like though.

    Looking over the last 2 5*s that I was chasing, I feel like I was able to get Doom because I effectively had a horde on layaway - locked into saved levels for unchamped characters that I bought access to with iso, and I also only had the one long dry spell. I had 2 long dry spells chasing Kingpin AND he left early, and I was able to get him to 11 covers. So playing this way (progression only, pvp to 575 at least, F2P, spend only into Latest Legends as you go) IS a way to get 5*s covered as they come out, assuming you are fairly deep into the 4* tier. It's not 100% reliable, and you won't be positioned to take advantage of any of the special stores that pop up, but you can stay pretty current moving forward from the point where you start doing it. That being said, I did get enough 5* bonus heroes across both Kingpin and Doom that had I been applying that to the character about to leave soonest I'd have finished Kingpin shortly after he dropped into classic and Doom would have been done a little earlier in his tenure. I also didn't spend any pulls outside of Latest that weren't token-based this time. 

    GE Doom entered Latest on 2/4/2019

    Total LL Pulls: 236
    Pulls per day: 2.07 - I actually found this surprising. I really felt like I was pulling way more LTs due to champing than before, but evidently not.

    4* BH total (only from LL): 13 (all Chavez)

    Total Organic (non-bh) 5*s: 36
    5* BH (only from LL): (both Okoye: Yellow)

    5* draw rate: 15.25%

    Current Latest Builds
    GE Doom: 5/3/5
    Danver5: 4/1/3 
    (1 came from a C4rol champ level)
    Hela: 4/0/2

    Rescue: 1/0/0 
    (not in latest yet, got lucky from an alliance token)

    Longest dry spell: 19 (no bonus heroes of any kind)

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    As for next steps: 

    For now I'm staying the course, using my 5* BH to chase Okoye and my 4* BH to chase Jessica Jones. Once I champ Doom, I'll get back to work on my 4* champing operation. At the moment, I don't plan to spend anything but iso until Doom leaves latest, at which point I'll make a decision on picking up with Danver5 or letting her go by. She is feedable as it is, but I don't see a day where I spend a year growing my C4rol for her. 

    I need to update my GamePendium roster big time. For posterity, my 4* tier looks like:
    Champed: 60
    Unchamped: 24 (including limited)
    Covered: 14 (including limited)
    At 209: 6 (only 5 of those are champable)

    As I sit here and stack resources, i suppose it's as good a time as any to revisit my 5* situation. I'll organize them by cover count:

    13 Covers
    Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) - champed lvl 452
    God Emperor Doom - 5/3/5 lvl 316

    11 Covers
    Kingpin - 4/4/3 lvl 255

    10 Covers
    Okoye - 6/4/1 lvl 405
    Cable - 1/4/5 lvl 255
    Lumbercap - 2/4/4 lvl 255

    9 Covers
    Jessica Jones - 4/2/3 lvl 390
    hawkeye - 1/5/3 lvl 352
    Star Lord - 5/1/3 lvl 345

    8 Covers
    Old Man Logan - 4/1/3 lvl 285
    Danver5 - 4/1/3 lvl 255
    Loki - 3/4/1 lvl 255

    7 Covers
    DareDevil - 6/1/1 lvl 330
    Thano5 - 5/0/2 lvl 345

    6 Covers
    First Avenger Cap - 5/0/1 lvl 285
    Gambit - 1/3/2 lvl 285
    Silver Surver - 2/1/3 lvl 285
    Hela - 4/0/2 lvl 255
    Wa5p - 3/2/1 lvl 255
    Green Goblin - 2/2/2 lvl 255

    5 Covers
    Jean Grey - 2/2/1 lvl 285
    Black Bolt - 3/1/1 lvl 300

    4 Covers
    Iron Man XLVI - 2/1/1 lvl 255
    BSSM - 3/1/0 lvl 270
    Banner - 0/3/1 lvl 285
    Archangel - 1/2/1 lvl 285
    5trange - 4/0/0 lvl 300
    Kitty Pryde - 2/2/0 lvl 315

    3 Covers
    Gladiathor - 1/0/2 lvl 300
    Doc Ock - 1/0/2 lvl 270
    SM PP - 1/0/2 lvl 270

    2 Covers
    Panther - 1/0/1 lvl 285
    Widow - 2/0/0 lvl 270

    1 Cover
    Rescue - 1/0/0 lvl 255

    Characters I use every day: 
    DDQ: Thano5/Panther (required 3/D3adpool in the middle)
    Easy Nodes (seeds in pvp/first 3 in pve): 5* Lord/4ocket/thano5
    Hard Nodes: (last block + requireds in pve, most climbs in pvp) Okoye + Passive Damager (chavez, medusa, strange, 3 thanos)

    PVP is where I find the 5* game most intersting, and is why I've been chasing Jessica Jones. I think a Doom/JJ/Okoye team would be strong in simulator, and JJ + Okoye or Doom would be similarly nice in a required character event too. But some of the things I would be curious about and throw to the group: Is it worth shifting focus to G4mora/thano5 to be able to use him on hard nodes in PVE? I feel like Okoye + 3* is maybe even better, minus the added purple match damage. Is anyone in that 8-11 cover range worth moving my bonus hero to? Should I focus fire on JJ with my 4* and 5* bonus to get it done, THEN focus fire on Okoye now that I have a second 5*? What would y'all do with your bonus strategy given the shape of this roster?

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    So I personally hate playing as Gritty, and Kamala’s group heal messed up Thor. Decided to build around my favorite character of late, Doom, and was pairing him with different 5* Green users who aren’t Thor (Carol, Cable, etc.) to take advantage of Kamala’s battery. Finally with no other options (except Archangel who never made it off the bench), I dusted off Ghost Rider and the team just murdered. It was a ton of fun. 

    Use GR green to burn three colors, the Doom board shuffle usually then creates nice cascades and repositions the tiles. You have two sources to collect black (other than straight matching). It was also pretty healthpack friendly as I usually focused on matching Dooms colors, then using the double heal (Doom active yellow to Kamala passive yellow) to keep the others afloat.. It worked well because Kamala gives an additional color for the rainbow. I’m guessing it’s less effective without the really good purple outlet. Still, it’s a fun team I plan to try again. 
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    GRRR slays if you’re not in a hurry lol. I’ve been thinking about my BH strategy as I grind for iso, and I’m thinking of focusing fire on JJ now that it’s not so pressing for me to try and simultaneously cover JJ and Okoye. I have 100cp and an LT saved up since I covered Doom. 

    On the topic of green, I was having fun with Okoye/Danver5/Boosted Sandman on the 5e node in today’s Venom Bomb. 
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    Well fam, let me tell you, spending 5 months bonus hero-ing Chavez has really paid off in this Stars & Strikes pvp. Hopefully we see this again next month on 4th of July
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    Got the Chavez, and the JJ. Moved my bh to JJ and pulled 10x in Latest. All 4*
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    Kind of wishing I’d not pulled those LTs now that 5torm is coming out early. Looks like Danver5 is falling by the wayside. I really want Hela, but I feel like the smart play might be to wait for Mysterio (who I assume is coming for Homecoming 2)
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    I’m just here for the wrestling demons results, lol. 
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    Just a blue Shuri (284) so far lol. Now that I'm not on a champing spree I feel like my resource acquisition is at a real flatline. Probably not true, but it sure feels like it. I found the 5torm announcement super demoralizing. Even though Danver5 is trash tier, I have a solid start on her, and Hela as well.
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    If I could give you the JJ black I pulled from my one and only pull from that store I honestly would do so.
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    I updated my 4/5* gamependium just now if anyone wants a more accurate picture of my roster. I still need to put the 3* situation in there, but it's so cumbersome. Interesting that the color spread on Danver5 is wrong there though.

    *edit* went back and did the 3*s as they stand right now
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    I feel like pulling out of this Wrestling with Demons store is a waste, but i'm doing it anyway. I finished the hunt and had enough cp for 2 draws. Sadly, I wasn't paying attention, and drew the first out of the 5torm store. Got a Mordo. Second draw was from the correct store, got ANOTHER blue Shuri. She's now 285. This is cool, in all likelihood Shuri will be my next BH after Chavez is done. 

    Then I got an LT champ level from a 3*, and got an LT from today's crash.
    Mordo: Purple (really on a run here)
    Chavez: Red (321)
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    At least Mordo is COT today (I think it's today?)

  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 4,654 Chairperson of the Boards
    It's true, but I really didn't need it lol. Mordo is one of my higher leveled "never used bh on him, but he is well leveled anyhow" characters at 292. 
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    Well that store didn’t stay open long. Went back to Latest

    Danver5: Red (5/1/3)
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    I’m about 950hp short of being able to get this Shuri costume bundle. Totally seems worth it-hopefully I can get it together before it goes away.
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    Flipped my 2* daken and rechamped a 29 saved cover Bull2eye. Got a 100hp champ level for my prime Rock3t and then sold him early for the 330hp I needed to get that Shuri deal.

    got the last 2cp I needed for a latest draw from DDQ

    Danver5: Red 6/1/3

    this is the first time I’ve had to save a 5* out of latest. I guess that’s a milestone of sorts...
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    I have Doom paid up to about the same amount it'll cost me to champ a 3* (roughly 127k including his champ tax) remaining. I've spent some iso re-champing 2*s for the farm chasing cp or hp, and bought JJ up to 405 as well, otherwise I'd have done it a bit sooner. Even with his black at 3 covers, he has really come alive above lvl 400. I think Doom-koye is going to be my climb team for awhile in PVP once I get him over. 
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    I’ve been using Doom/Chavez in the D3adpool pvp. At lvl 419 Doom is a super reliable tank. Any non-gritty team I find I can beat with this team without using health so far. It still isn’t a reliable Gritty counter for me yet though.
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    Ok, I finally champed GED today. Time to see what life with 2 mediocre 5*s looks like lol. 

    That's maybe not entirely fair, I think Doom is WAY more useful than he seems on paper after spending some time with him. I re-spec'd him to 3/5/5, I'm not sure what the "right" build is yet but I don't feel like i lean on the team burst heal as much as the self heal, and it still does a complete board reshuffle at 3 covers. His black is decidedly better than GRRR though, so I don't mind prioritizing it.
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