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X-Force Italy - PvE Alliance - no spot available.

RhaegarLAZIORhaegarLAZIO Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
edited January 14 in MPQ Alliances
X-Force Italy is a focused PvE alliance and is looking for __ active players to fill the group.
Our goal is staying permanently in top100 PvE. Usually, with no filled alliance, we place us just outside T100 but with 20 active players we can arrive in top100 without problems.
In alliance events: We win all rewards at least 1,5-2 days before the end of the tournament.
We have a LINE chat. Participation is not required, but suggested. We are all Italians in Line group but we can speak also in english and spanish. In our alliance, at the moment, there are english and spanish language players and we communicate with them (on the in-game chat board) in their languages.
Requested: Max PvE Progression Score in each PvE event and full participation in Alliance Events.
Minimum rank requested: 65 (below this rank, the roster can be small for an easy max PvE progression and for a decent score in Alliance Events).
No PvP requirements (usually T300).
If you are interested, post here or send me a message.
Current Recruitment Status: closed.


  • Tchalla888Tchalla888 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    I'd be interested in joining. I've been playing for nearly two years. Rank 104.
  • RhaegarLAZIORhaegarLAZIO Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    Perfect. Enters the alliance. We're open.
  • BlykmykBlykmyk Posts: 32 Just Dropped In
    I’m interested. I have a full roster ranked 150+
  • RhaegarLAZIORhaegarLAZIO Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    Blykmyk said:
    I’m interested. I have a full roster ranked 150+
    What's your in-game nick?
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