Spider-Man (Back in Black) + Agent Venom weirdness [Investigating]

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Sometimes, I like to play Back in Black Spider-Man and Agent Venom since they look pretty cool together. However, I noticed they don't work together quite as well as you might Think from Power descriptions:

Taek-web-do - 6 bluetilepng AP
Spider-Man unleashes a vicious flurry of precision kicks and acrobatic flips, striking his enemy's weakest points. If Spider-Man is invisible, he deals 1419 damage to the target. Otherwise, he stuns the target for 1 turn and deals 133 damage.

Take Cover 11 yellowtilepng AP
Agent Venom lets loose his arsenal and lays down cover so his allies can regroup. Deals 296 damage to the enemy team and renders all of Venom’s allies Invisible for 2 turns.

As you can see, Spider-man deals extra damage if he is Invisible, and Agent Venom can render his allies invisible. I was very disappointed to see that when I fired Take Cover and then Taek-web-do, the latter Power did the lower amount of damage and not the increased amount. Not sure what is going on there, is there some sort of trigger to Taek-Web-do's increased damage that doesn't go off when an ally makes Spider-man invisible? It seems to work just fine when Spider-man renders himself invisible with his Purple Power...

Anyway, just something I noticed. It's not a combo I rely on in Daily play or anything, just a neat Little trick that I was disappointed to see didn't work as advertised.

Caveat: It was a while ago that I noticed this, so it could have been fixed Before I got around to make this thread. Would love to hear if others have had similar experiences though.


  • TombstoneTombstone ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 1,170 Chairperson of the Boards
    Thanks for reporting. The team is aware of this issue, and I've added it to the bug list. 
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