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Karox Bladewing token [Damage - Fixed in 2.8 | Gem Conversion - Investigating]

HatebornHateborn Posts: 37 Just Dropped In
edited September 2018 in MtGPQ Bugs & Technical Issues
According to the token text of Karox Bladewing, it is supposed to deal 2 damage upon entering the field and then at the beginning of your turn if there are 8 or more red gems.  The token is doing 3 damage upon entering the field and then 4 damage at the beginning of the turn.  I've encountered this both when I've controlled the token and when the opponent has.  I've checked both Verix Bladewing and the Karox Bladewing token to see if there is anything that is supposed to be adding the additional damage, but have not found anything that would impact the field in this way.

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  • TheDude1TheDude1 Posts: 194 Tile Toppler
    I believe it also changes a lot more than 2 gems to red
  • arNeroarNero Posts: 358 Mover and Shaker

    Karox support is not the only one with this problem. From what I remember, Goblin Chainwhirler, which is supposed to do 2 damage to creatures and players on EtB, also deals 4 damage instead.
  • wereotterwereotter Posts: 2,059 Chairperson of the Boards
    I reported this same issue shortly after the set launched, and it’s still there. 

    I didnt notice the gem conversion part, but yes, it absolutely changes more than two to red. 
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Just Dropped In
    I noticed that with the karox bladewing token and the Goblin Chainwhirler. 

    Was too lazy to report because there are too many bugs to report and i am tired of it
  • rafalelerafalele Posts: 876 Critical Contributor
    I have suffered this bug also. Both of the effects, the damage points and the converting to red gems.
  • BrigbyBrigby ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 7,735 Site Admin
    Hi Everyone. It would appear that the team was unable to reproduce the issue of Karox Bladewing converting more than 2 gems to red.

    If anyone else is still encountering this issue, could you please provide information on how you were able to trigger this issue? Thank you very much!
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