So where's the game breaking, meta 5* Deadpool in honor of his movie release?

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We don't even get a Deadpool vs DDQ

**Removed profanity - Ducky


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    Okoye and Iron Spiderman were announced well in advance. It was quite obvious we wouldn't get Another Deadpool any time soon, unfortunately. I was hoping maybe they'd revamp the DDQ again like they did when the first Movie released, but I guess the devs are too busy making new Supports...

    Steve Rogers never wanted to be a super soldier. He always wanted to be... LumberCap! Leaping from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia. The giant redwood! The larch! The fir! The mighty Scots pine! With his best Bucky by his side! They'd sing, sing, sing...

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    Or maybe Marvel shoved IW characters down their throats and they will get to characters around DP2 after they get through the announced slate.
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    Another tinykitty Spider Man?  Atleast Okoye is original...even though I had never heard of her before the movie, and there is a long list of characters that people have been asking about for years (Red Skull, Mysterio, Groo the Wanderer...etc...)
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    heybub said:
    ... there is a long list of characters that people have been asking about for years (... Groo the Wanderer...etc...)
    We don't need that mendicant around here!
    Farming retals like "I came out to get attacked, and I'm honestly having such a good time right now!"
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