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Hello D3 Go! Forum Members – 

We wanted to share a couple of updates with our players and forum members.

Starting on May 21, 2018, all D3 Go! forum members will need to have confirmed that they are age 18 or older to be able to participate in the D3 Go! forums.  This is due to age requirements coming into place once GDPR is in effect to prevent anyone from under the age of 18 to be registered in the forums after GDPR rules are in place. Our Terms of Service has been updated to reflect this new requirement. To confirm your age, all users must update their age via their profile page located in the forums.

To update your forum profile, please do the following on a PC (or Desktop Version of forum in mobile browser) -
  • One you are logged in, please click on the Account Options (Looks like a cogwheel) icon in the top right corner to open the dropdown menu
  • Click on the “Edit Profile” button
  • Find “Birthday” 
  • Please enter your complete birthdate inside each dropdown menu
  • Click Save.
Once this has been completed, then please email [email protected], and our team will be able to grant your account forum access.

We are asking all users to do this before May 21, 2018, as failure to do so will result in no longer being able to contribute to the D3 Go! forums until complete.  Starting on May 21, 2018, any profiles that have not updated their profiles will be unable to log into their forum account.  We ask all forum users to update their profiles before May 21, 2018, as there may be some delays in confirmation of accounts after this date which may prevent these users from immediately participating in the forums.

Please note, that we will be removing all accounts that have not logged into the forums after May 1, 2016 due to inactivity.

We also want to mention that Facebook Social Connect will be disabled and will no longer be working after May 21, 2018.  If you are already using this service, please note this will no longer be a sign-in option via Facebook, therefore you will need to update your profile to have access to the forums with an email login.  For those that use Facebook Social Connect to log into the forums, please visit HERE and enter the email address you associate with your Facebook account to set a password.

We will also be sending this message via email to our forum users in the next couple of days, so please keep a look out for a message in your email inbox.  We thank you for being a part of the community and playing our D3 Go! titles!

- The D3 Go! Team

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