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To kick off our spiffy new Supports Discussion forum section, let's talk about things we'd like to see for Supports. Specifically, what Marvel things would you like to see. Sure we can talk about game mechanics and abilities, but to start thing off I'd like to look at the "fun" side of things, the aspects of the Marvel universe that would make for interesting supports.

I'll start with a breakdown of the types of things we have already seen, to help spark some ideas.

Support Characters:
  • Wong (Master of the Mystic Arts)
  • Sharon Carter (Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  • Lucky (Pizza Dog)
  • Hydra Henchmen (Hail Hydra!)
  • Korg (Sakaar Gladiator)
  • Children of Thanos (presumably the four members of the Black Order in Avengers: Infinity War?)
  • Quinjet (Avenging Aircraft)
  • The Blackbird (X-Jet)
  • The Milano (Modified M-Ship)
  • Element Guns (Quad Blasters)
  • Vintage Shield (World War II)
  • Chimichanga (Tex-Mex Delicacy
  • Destroyer Gun (So That's What It Does)
  • Web-Shooters (Homemade Web-Shooters)
Unique Items (artifact things that didn't feel right being lumped together with "weapons/gear", in my opinion, though I think the distinction would be more clear with some added examples):
  • Infinity Stones (presumably all six as separate supports?)
  • Avengers Tower (Stark Industries)
We have iconic locations, vehicles, gear (even things like the Element Guns and Web-Shooters that are already a part of the character or their artwork), and then some characters. The characters are interesting, because we have some that only make sense as supports (Lucky and a group of Hydra Henchmen), but we also have characters that could be fully-fledged characters on their own (Wong and Sharon Carter appear in other Marvel mobile games, for example).

So, given what we have, what would you add?


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    Okay, so here are some ideas I've had. We started with 14, and are getting 10 more (4 Children of Thanos and 6 Infinity Stones, right?), so I'll add 24 more to double that.

    Support Characters:
    • Lockheed (we'd need Kitty as a normal character too, at some point)
    • Jarvis (torn between the classic Edwin Jarvis who lived at the Avengers Mansion, and the MCU J.A.R.V.I.S., because both are awesome)
    • AIM Henchmen
    • Kree Strike Team
    • Doombot
    • Tippy-Toe
    • Man Mountain Marko
    • The Black Knight
    • The Fantasticar
    • Punisher's Battle Van
    • Motorcycle
    • Spider-Slayer Bots
    • Goblin's Bag of Tricks
    • Shocker Gauntlets
    • The Incapacitating Cartridge Emitting Railguns
    • Shield Intel
    Unique Items
    • Cerebro
    • The Cloak of Levitation
    • Jarnbjorn
    • Cosmic Cube
    • Crimson Gem of Cyttorak

    • Xavier Institute For Higher Learning
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
    • Baxter Building
    There, that's a decent variety. A variety for heroes and villains alike, as well as specific Supports for Squirrel Girl and Doom and throwing in an old school Avenger and a member of the Maggia for grins and giggles. Some vehicles ("Motorcycle" left vague, my hopes being that it could be used with Black Widow or Cap like in the films, but could equally be applied to Johnny Blaze, for example). Gear is kinda even split heroes and villains, I.C.E.R.'s being the non-lethal guns from Agents of Shield, and "Shield Intel" meant to be a generic mission briefing (something any Avenger could use, but maybe Natasha would get a benefit of an extra perk). Some specific and unique items from Marvel as well, and a couple more locations. I kinda tried to bounce around a little (you could probably fill a list like this with JUST Doctor Strange or Asgard stuff, you know? I deliberately didn't want to do that)
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    Jeri Hogarth
    Colleen Wing

    The Warriors Three

    Aunt May


    Howling Commandos

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    Hope it's not spam to repost something from another thread. It's a better fit for this one than that one, but I didn't know this one existed. (It was...weirdly hard to find.)

    Rick Jones (Teen-Age Sidekick)

    Equip To: Heroes
    Rank 1: Whenever the Supported character takes damage over 5% of their health, they receive a burst of healing equal to (1.00 - 3.35)% of their health.
    Rank 3: Whenever the Supported character's team destroys a Team-Up tile, there's a (3.00 - 7.00)% chance to gain 1 Green AP.
    Rank 5: Whenever the Supported character's team uses a Team-Up power, there's a (15.00 - 33.35)% chance to refund half the AP spent, rounded down.
    Equip to The Hulk (Bruce Banner): The supported character's Blue and Green match damage are both equal to the higher of the two values.

    And just so this isn't all redundant information, I'll throw in a new idea:

    Mephisto (Soul Collector)

    Equip To: Villains
    Rank 1: If the Supported character is below (15.00 - 32.50)% health, the first match they make each turn gains 1 AP extra.
    Rank 3: Whenever the Supported character loses health due to a friendly effect, a random enemy loses (100.00 - 206.05)% that amount.
    Rank 5: At the start of each turn, if the Supported character has more than 15 AP in any color, they gain 1 AP in that color and lose (113 - 666) health.
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