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The Agents family

Alliance may show as full when searching as we may have a merc sat in the vacancy. We will update any vacancies as soon as the spot is filled, so please do apply even if it looks like we are full if we are advertising spots available. Thanks

AoP are a family of 6 alliances that aim to create a fun environment for all levels of players, with an active social group on the Line app for those that wish to join it. We offer accessibility to all levels of players, from the 3* players, through the casual, or experienced to the long term 5* MPQ veterans. We aim to provide the rewards your game play deserves without pressure to grind like the T10 teams have to, but ensure that we maximise the rewards you can achieve by strength of squads. We are primarily PVE but we also have a partnership with a T100 or better PvP group to take our PvP players as mercs for events and T100 season spots

Available positions 

Alliance                Positions                 Rewards

AoP Elite                Currently ** Full  **     T25 all PVE events / Max Boss Events 

AoP 2                     Currently ** 1 spot **     T100 all PVE events / Max Boss Events 

AoP 3                     Currently ** 1 spot **     T50 all PVE Events / Max Boss Events

AoP 4                     Currently ** Full ** T250 all PVE Events / Max Boss Events
AoP Chillax            Currently ** 1 spot **  Max Boss Events / offered merc spots in AoP group for NCE
                                                                Rest of the time Chillax have no requirements except daily play

AoP HR                  Currently ** Public ** A holding alliance for potential recruits plus any AoP on holiday

(Joining any AoP team is a great route into the rest of the AoP family T100 teams as we are happy to move players that show their worth there, to the team that fits them best)

AoP Elite 
(Line App compulsory)

AoP Elite is a T25 PVE focused alliance who always collect all rewards in boss events, get the alliance 4* NCE covers or the alliance LL token in 5* NCE’s and max the raid event.
We are mostly experienced players who now play more for fun, and aim to collect all the important rewards.
We have our requirements set to maintain high standards but without the intense grind that the T10 alliances have, nor do we just boot people to get placement.
We focus to target the main boss events and new character events, hitting all rewards. As a very minimum, 1.25 x full progression is expected and required in standard events, all rewards in boss events, and for new character events, we require a minimum of 1.5 x full progression, to ensure a very safe T25 finish.

Boss events we finish all rewards within 36 (often 24) hours, and in new character events we are always easily placed around the T20 (getting the new character cover), in fact recently we are often 11th but T10 is unlikely due to other teams being ruthless about booting lower scores and bringing in mercs, so you can be confident of getting the important rewards, but not have to keep up that hard core pace 24/7 nor worry about getting kicked because someone scored a few hundred more points than you. We never kick anyone who makes the minimum requirements.

We are a social bunch and need everyone in the main alliance on the Line app, which is a text based communications app, no voice or video chat, for good comms during main events, though if you don’t want to socialise in the chat, there is no need, we just want to be able to relay strategy and keep in touch. We have a separate line room for special events and we do ask you ensure you read that in the hours before an important event with no requirements to chat in the main room. We have a zero tolerance to bullying or even extreme rudeness in our chats, we expect players to remember, it’s just a game after all.

Elite require players with a decent mostly champed 5* roster or above. Daily play and making those simple requirements is all we ask. When life gets in the way, message a commander and let them know as we are easy going and just like to know in advance if someone can’t score the minimum in an event. We will be able to cover the odd short score. We have a family of alliances that people can move into for a longer break from the requirements if things get too tough or real life changes.

For PvP we have an arrangement with a large PvP only group and our players move to them for T1 - T100 PvP alliance rewards depending on scores. Anything over 700 in an event will likely get you a T100 spot, 1250+ most likely T10 or better. Season scores of 5k+ may get you T100, 7k will guarantee that and scores of around 10k+ will likely see you get T10 or better. You’ll get the best spot your score can get you with us.

AoP 2 (Line App advised but not compulsory)

AoP 2 is a twin sister alliance for AoP Elite
The expected roster here is one that enables a player to do comfortably do max progression. Realistically all 4* and below should be covered and most 5* for AoP 2

As with the main alliance, AoP 2 is a PVE focused alliance. It’s main aims are to complete all boss and raid events and to finish in T100 for all events inclusive of new character events.

Daily play is a must, and max progression is required for boss and all other events except new character events where 1.25 x max is the minimum requirement. If you are missing essentials, or just can’t play an event to max, communication is key. We maybe able to work around some issues or if you are having issues or need time out for real life circumstances, we also have the resources to switch you with one of our casual alliance members for a short period, swapping back after. It’s important that you keep us informed.

The Line app (text based messenger service, no voice or video) is advisory in AoP 2 as it’s useful for organising events. It also allows you to access the main AoP group chat room where there is a wealth of info and a lot of vets that are only too willing to pass on their knowledge of the game. This is a huge bonus of having a large group of veteran players. This is also our social room and lengthy chats on any subject keeps line fun as well as informative.

As with AoP Elite, PVP play is non essential though again, many play it but the rewards from pvp play are purely a personal choice and again, mercing out available as explained in the Elite post above.

AoP 3 
(Line App compulsory)

This is our third alliance for players for 4*/5* players seeking an active but occasionally slightly more casual approach than AoP Elite and as such, you will be expected to have rostered all 4*/3*/2* as well as a decent amount of 5* rostered. The expectation here is all rewards in boss events, full progression in standard PVE and to achieve 1.25 x max in new 4* character events, full progression in 5* release events. T50 alliance placement all events is the minimum expectation. While the standard personal minimum is full progression, we ask our players to do better than average and use the minimum for those occasions when RL is busy or they are trying out higher SCL’s. 

The current performance of the alliance is to hit t50 in normal events, and T50 up to t25 in NCE.
On occasions we drop requirements a bit in the odd standard event and accept a T100 finish after a run of hard events but T50 is the norm. AoP 3 also gives you direct access via the line app to help and guidance in our AoP group chat room from the vets in all the AoP teams. Daily play is essential as is communication when you are going to be absent or cannot meet requirements.
AoP 3 also permit mercing out for PVP as there is no requirement for this. The same arrangement as in the Elite post above (see that for details)
AoP 4 (Line app now compulsory)

This is our fourth alliance and is aimed at players wanting to progress to our T100 teams. You’ll be asked to remain active and be building your roster. The minimum requirement will be the four star cover reward in PVE events up to SCL9, for SCL 10 the minimum requirement is the 250 four star rewards after the four star cover (there are no PvP requirements), to achieve personal max progression in boss events and have ambition to score more until end of round 8. This team will also accept much more experienced players looking to still play daily, but have no demanding requirements, and willing to help coach the relatively newer members. For both boss and new character events we will offer merc spots when available in the top 4 AoP teams, or seek merc spots outside if necessary so long as it does not take away T250 from the team. We have dedicated commanders for this role. We have a large community of well over 100 members on the line app and if you wish, you’ll be invited and welcomed to this group, where you can socialise or just learn more about the game. Line is purely required for boss events as we run these with precision and expect all our teams to maximise rewards. 

AoP Chillax (Line app advisory but not compulsory)
Our 5th alliance which is for experienced players looking for a very chilled home. The only requirement here is daily play and hitting it in Boss Events as max team progression is a requirement. During New Character Events, the rest of the AoP group will be looking for mercs to replace anyone on holiday or unable to complete the NCE and Chillax will be offered the spots. If there are insufficient AoP spots, then command will find external merc spots for anyone hitting a decent score and we have an extensive range of options with other friendly alliances to fit you in somewhere to get the new character cover reward. You can chill during NCE Events if you wish, there is no requirement except for daily play during those events if you don’t want the cover. Normal events have absolutely no requirements apart from playing daily and many will use bracket flips for personal placement here (we even help by calling the flips from our members in the bracket rooms). As with the other teams, you will be invited to join the Line app AoP group room where there is a fun and large social group, although you don’t have to join this room. PvP spots will be offered for decent scores with the same arrangement as the Elite post above (see that post for details)

AoP HR (Line app not compulsory)

Our 6th alliance and a semi retirement home for experienced roster players wanting no commitments and also a Holiday Resort where other AoP members can take an extended break and remain in the AoP group.
No requirements other than this is not a newbie alliance, this is for those who are either suffering burn out or just looking for a long rest. The AoP group will offer merc positions, when available for main events to any active players in this group scoring enough points. 
Some expectation of the account remaining active will be asked, so go missing for a month or more and not telling anyone may see you removed but daily play isn’t a must, just keep the account live please.
AoP HR will usually be public so you can join if you meet the criteria of our teams and want to wait for someone to be in game to contact us or contact us via the channels below. Messages in the forum are not checked daily, but we will try to look a couple of times a week, so line or via in game chat in this team are both better ways to contact us. Please note this alliance is not fully active as it’s also a parking lot for members away for longer than a week


How to contact us

The fastest way to contact us is through the line app although we will try to periodically check messages here as well.
Our line ID’s are next to our names below, and you can add us in Line and send us a message as we check that several times a day, so it’s much easier.

Recruitment contacts

Bug-eyed (Line: bugeyed1964)
Commander at AoP Elite (will also take AoP 4 applications)

Rocketman7 (Line: rocketman12)
Commander at AoP 2

Itsuka7 (Line: itsuka789) 
Kurisu86 (Line: CLef86)
Commanders at AoP 3

For HR, we partially use this as a holding alliance for members on vacation or for those joining the AoP family waiting for a position. You can contact any of the above for that.

AoP 4 and Chillax applicants can also try to just contact any of the above on line, or pend in game if you see a vacancy and can meet the requirements above. We will look and accept to chat but contact through Line is the surest way in. Or simply reply to this post below (we try to check here a few times a week, so be patient, as we mostly chat on line app)

If all the alliances are full, set as “apply” for positions, we will take advance applications to join and keep you posted on the situation. Again, Line is the best way to approach us if you have it as when we are full, we only periodically check messages here on the forums. Thanks 
We may offer a spot in HR for those homeless hoping to wait for a vacancy so do contact us for that purpose.


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    Applied, thanks.  I have no LINE but pay attention to alliance chat in-game.
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    Are you guys still looking?
  • nonobabynonobaby Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
    Can I get in? please

  • nonobabynonobaby Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
    I joined let us see how it works.
  • texaswooktexaswook Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    Hi I'm wondering if you still have openings, I'm typically top 250 in PVP (when I focus on it I can hit top 50 and have a handful of top 10s). 
  • Arlene627Arlene627 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Hi. Just wondering if you have a vacancy in AoP Academy. I'm looking to leave my current alliance. I'm hoping to join an alliance witth a more fervent desire to progress in alliance events.
  • hipUKhipUK Posts: 36 Just Dropped In
    Hiya, I'm finishing top 25-50 right now, very active.  Been at it a week, jumped right in:
  • DavidDavid Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
    AoP Chillax looking to recruit 2 spots.
    Complete boss events as an alliance.
    Standard events relaxed/no stress requirements.
    New release character PVE.... merc scores for T100 placement within or outside of AoP Group.
    Promotion if wanted to our higher alliance if ambitious!
    Ideal roster..., fully champed 3*s working on 4*.
    AoP is set to public or p.m me here.

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    AoP 2 now full
  • BugeyedBugeyed Posts: 57 Match Maker
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    We have a vacancy in our popular AoP 3 team

    line will be absolutely required

    apply via line to myself or itsuka

    this is a hugely popular team, so expect the spot to go quick
  • BugeyedBugeyed Posts: 57 Match Maker
    AoP Elite have a vacancy for one new member due to an internal mob e.
    we are looking for someone who makes full progression every event and a bit more, goes all out in boss events and can make at least 1.4 x full progression in new character events. The recruit will have nearly every character rostered (A few missing is fine) and play preferably clearance level 10 

    we are a T20 team and look for good communication both ways
    aop are a relaxed group of over 100 players, we don’t kick our lowest scorers just to get T10, and we expect players to be respectful to each other in chat and mostly to enjoy what after all is only a game. 

    Apply via my line details. Thanks

    if you don’t have line, I can via chat here on forum, walk you through it. It’s a text based communication similar to messenger, with no video or voice chat. We just need to keep players informed of event stuff and for them to let us know if real life is being awkward
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    How do you receive messages in MPQ? You can’t send messages outside of an alliance? Can someone tell me how? I’ve been play for almost 2yrs and haven’t found it. Although I haven’t tried looking too much since I rarely message outside my alliance. Thanks for any help. 
  • BugeyedBugeyed Posts: 57 Match Maker
    Ab_capone said:
    How do you receive messages in MPQ? You can’t send messages outside of an alliance? Can someone tell me how? I’ve been play for almost 2yrs and haven’t found it. Although I haven’t tried looking too much since I rarely message outside my alliance. Thanks for any help. 
    You have to use an app such as Discord or our preferred choice Line
    its why so many of the bigger alliance groups use it and require it, as communication in game is almost impossible. With Line we can share links to game news, freebies, spreadsheets and we can play as a team of over 100, by using an app like Line. 
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    AoP 3 now have a vacancy due to a player needing to step down
    line essential. This is a primarily T100 team with gentle requirements, but often out perform and get T25/T50 finishes. Requirements as per first post

    line applications please to AoP 3 commander itsuka7 (line ID itsuka789) or kurisu86 (line ID CLef86)
  • itsuka7itsuka7 Posts: 64 Match Maker
    Aop 3 vacancy has been filled
  • BugeyedBugeyed Posts: 57 Match Maker

    AoP Elite, our main team of the AoP group, and consistent T25 team, have a spot available due to a long standing member needing to reduce his game time. We require a solid SCL 9-10 player, doing at the very least and hopefully more than 1.25 x full progression in normal events, 1.5 x or higher for NCE and full participation in boss events. PvP is not necessary, although we do have an excellent relationship with the GxF group who will take our pvp players as mercs for T100 alliance rewards and season, score dependant, so if you are hybrid, we can still fully accommodate your needs with T25 PVE and up to T1 for PvP via the deal with GxF. 

    We never ask our members to step out for a merc to replace you. If real life drama happens, the team can usually play enough to cover a lower scorer too, as team play is what AoP is all about.

    The Line app (no video or audio chat) is mandatory for the AoP group, as we use it to organise during boss events, etc and have a great online community which most love to be involved with.

    If all the above is you, contact me via line .... details in my tag below. If you reply here, I only check every few days.

    Spot will go quickly, so get in there. Come join a friendly, family style team of gamers.

  • BugeyedBugeyed Posts: 57 Match Maker
    Elite now full
  • DavidDavid Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
    Hello all...
    Recruiting for spots in AoP. 
    AoP 2 x1
    AoP 3 x1
    AoP Chillax x1
    AoP 2 very very safe T100 PVE alliance, finishing T50 for New Character events placing 60th ish for Standard events. LINE communication recommended but not essential if good in game chat.
    AoP 3 strives to get T50 PVE finishes for both Standard and New Character events, which is achieved most events. LINE communication essential. 
    The opportunity to merc PVP scores into a T100 alliance is available with both, however AoP have no requirements for PVP.
    Both AoP 2 and 3 complete alliance Boss events within the first 36 hours and full participation in these are expected.
    AoP Chillax requires daily play and full boss participation. If you do decide to post a good score for any event, the option to merc into a T100 alliance (even if not within AoP) will be found for you.
    If interested in any of the above places please contact:-
    rocketman1 @ rocketman12 on LINE or pm me here
    Itsuka @ itsuka789 on LINE
    Kurisu86 @ CLef86 on LINE 
    Thanks for reading.... Happy MPQing! 
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    AoP 3 has a vacancy. We are a PVE focused team that strives for t50 in PVE, and gets it about 80% of the time. You can find out more in the post above. There are no pvp requirements. To be able to make our new character event requirements, you need all 2*, 3* and almost all 4*, plus preferably a handful of 5*. If you are unsure whether you have enough we can discuss it. 

    We require the Line app for communication, but active participation in the chat is not required, just reading the announcements.

    If you are interested, contact itsuka7, Line ID: itsuka789.
    alternatively, you can pm me on this forum, though that will be slower.

    if we are set to public, you can also walk in to discuss options.
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