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MPQ March Madness -- Round 2 (Cosmic Region) -- Match 3: (2) Medusa vs. (7) Rocket & Groot

AwebermanAweberman Posts: 214 Tile Toppler
edited March 12 in Off Topic

Previous results:
(2) Medusa
Round 1: d. (15) Mr. Fantastic, 91-3
(7) Rocket & Groot
Round 1: d. (10) The Thing, 84-10

MPQ March Madness -- Round 2 (Cosmic Region) -- Match 3: (2) Medusa vs. (7) Rocket & Groot 122 votes

Medusa (Inhuman Queen)
PuceMooseStarfuryKolenceYasurusinnerjflColognoisseurDeadpool369FOADakaSquirrelBoyDrNitromanxKOBALTxscotteePunter1pillaroffaith23NajboljiNabistaysymphonix81batbonPLBIVMan-ThingZootSax 92 votes
Rocket & Groot (Awesome Mix Volume 2)
EdarionrixmithGrimSkaldacescrackedsirwookieechrisCT1888Over__FlowCdubb1975KevmcgUninspiredbluewolfwaywrethKGBJarvisJackrabbitbrollRoland113Cactus_Jack_87dramatistnycjonnySmart80 26 votes
antreas1911RedLionFelessaPsychoNrOne 4 votes


  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 944 Critical Contributor
    Medusa (Inhuman Queen)
    This will be fun.

    On the one hand, when R4G were boosted in Galactus Hungers it was easy to see why everybody wants them champed. They shred more than a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle villain.

    On the other hand, Medusa is just hands down extremely useful and I think most players target her first over R4G when they come up against another team.

    So, Medusa for me.
  • brollbroll Posts: 3,941 Chairperson of the Boards
    Rocket & Groot (Awesome Mix Volume 2)
    This is one that it depends on what the criteria for judging is.  Medusa is probably better overall, but R&G is better for speed clearing.  Since speed clearing is one of the most important aspects of the game if you care even remotely about placement I'm going with them.
    Co-Commander: Fluffers T100 PvE
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  • Smart80Smart80 Posts: 483 Mover and Shaker
    Rocket & Groot (Awesome Mix Volume 2)
    Gotta give it to RnG, although its pretty much too close to call..

    As 5* pve player i just have no more use for medusa really and Grocket, especially when boosted, speeds up things nicely, eventhough they really dont do more than give a running start.. 

    I see this going the other way for 4* pvp players for sure. Both offensive and defensive she is top tier for sure. And for a while, pretty much the only way to deal with Carnage..

    Just about any other draw, it would have been Medusa, but adorable Groot animation tips the scale.. :-)
  • Cactus_Jack_87Cactus_Jack_87 Posts: 139 Tile Toppler
    Rocket & Groot (Awesome Mix Volume 2)
    R&G is Thanos' favorite sacrifice for PvE. My vote is based almost solely on how much I use the twig and trash panda to tear through my PvE subs so I can go about the rest of my day.
    Alliance: Lock and Load
    Bang Bang.

  • Bubba3210Bubba3210 Posts: 57 Match Maker
    Medusa (Inhuman Queen)
    Medusa owned Ultron’s sentries. She fed green, blue and purple plus healing nearly every turn. I love R&G but Medusa is more valuable.
  • sirwookieechrissirwookieechris Posts: 91 Match Maker
    Rocket & Groot (Awesome Mix Volume 2)
    For me in 4*-land, Rocket/Gamora/Medusa is my go-to team for clearing PVE and Shield Simulator. But, for me, Medusa is because of Rocket. No Rocket = No Medusa. The only time I really use Medusa as the "main" counter is against carnage nodes in PVE. But Rocket + Gamora + anyone else is my main team that gives me T10 in PVE SCL7 without issues. Then in PVP we have Rocket + Carol + XDP/Rhulk teams to counter Grocket/Gam/Med teams which will easily take you up 2000 in Simulator.

    I know Medusa will win this, and probably deserves it, but at my level of play Grocket is the workhorse of my team and deserves my vote.
  • shadowyoshishadowyoshi Posts: 151 Tile Toppler
    Medusa (Inhuman Queen)
    As someone who enjoys PVP at the 4* level and doesn't have either of them champed or even fully covered (despite 42 4* champs) the choice is Medusa.

    When I see unboosted Grocket or see Grocket without Medusa in Shield Sim it is an easy choice to hit.

    When I see unboosted Medusa at any point it gives me pause and makes me think what I am missing or who is she paired with / is this going to be worth it? And in Shield Sim I tend to avoid the Grocket / Gamora / Medusa team but will hit any Grocket / Gamora / X team otherwise.

    Needless to say the choice is Medusa. If not for what I already wrote, then for the fact that she is what binds together Blackbolt and Lockjaw in that stupid Hearts of Darkness 5* essential node (prepare for the usual round of complaining from forumites about the difficulty of that node upcoming once again in a couple of days).
  • TrilateralusTrilateralus Posts: 199 Tile Toppler
    Medusa (Inhuman Queen)
    For me Grocket doesn’t deserve to win this because they’re a one trick pony. It’s a great trick and it’s useful almost all the time but it’s boring. The meta will eventually change and Grocket will no longer be as useful. Like IM40, Medusa will always see use. 
  • Twomp_thaDJTwomp_thaDJ Posts: 67 Match Maker
    Medusa (Inhuman Queen)
    Grockets main ability is based on who they are paired with. Medusa rocks all by her lonesome
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