Invisible Zombie - Best Glitch?

So my opponent cast Labyrinth Guardian, then Skaab Goliath. The Guardian dies as it should, but the Goliath mysteriously vanishes. My opponent then cast Ghostly Wings, on seemingly nothing. Here's the battle log:

And here's the battlefield:

I had a charged Lay Claim, and decided to see what that would do, here's what it looked like when I tried to click the Goliath:

When I hit SELECT, I did indeed steal my own creature (well, I stole it from my opponent earlier) including summoning sickness and triggering its enter the battlefield effect. I found the whole thing quite intriguing, I wonder if it's because Labyrinth Guardian dies when targeted?


  • HypnoticSpecterHypnoticSpecter Posts: 152 Tile Toppler
    I've had creatures turn invisible a couple times, but couldn't figure out the common thread. Stealing seems to be involved.
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