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Hi all,

I am a 1300+ days player and can considered well into the 5 star land. Before my hoarding and pulls, I have the following champed 5 star

463 Phoenix
462 OML
454 Silver surfer
454 Black Bolt
451 Thanos

I have hoarded for 4 months with 180 LT and 2398 CP (total of 275 pulls. I was waiting for the right group of 5 stars for my pull and found myself in a difficult position to play anymore after Gambit was introduced. Simply I just cant beat him and he is everywhere in PVP. I have to keep like 15 times before I can get a non-gambit team to hit. 

In view of the above, I thought about pulling the Peter Parker / DD / Gambit group, then I thought Thor may be a good character, so I waited for Thor to enter into the latest legendary pull. After Thor was inserted, I realized Thor is kinda slow and is not as fast as Peter Parker. I kinda regret of not puling earlier. I kept my patience and waited for Archangel to be announced and to see his numbers before I decided. 

Someone can argue that Archangel pairs better with Gambit than DD as there are no overlap skills. But DD is clearly a better overall character and is considered top 5 in 5 star land. Therefore I go along with Thor / DD / Gambit and the following is the results. Before the pull I have a 2/1/0 DD and no covers for both Thor and Gambit. 

220 4 stars (I believe no one will ever care about of what I pull for 4 stars)
45 5 stars + 1 bonus hero of Gambit.

I have got 14 covers for Gambit, 22 covers for Thor and 10 covers for DD. After I got my last DD cover, I just stopped and have 273 CP left (10 pulls left) and that before I add the champ levels to another 4 stars and 5 stars

All of the covers fit perfectly and no assistance from CS is needed.

After the pull, I have: 

459 Thor
451 Gambit
450 DD

My pull rate is 17.4% which is a bit above the 15% mark. Quite happy about my results, although I wish to have more Gambit than Thor.

After adding my champed level, I am now back to 22 LT and 627 CP which is 47 pulls. I may pull more just to add more levels on Gambit. And now, I can finally compete again in PVP. It is sad that you need gambit to counter other gambits as gambit is just too strong and is the best 5 star.

Thank you all for your reading.


  • PongiePongie Posts: 1,326 Chairperson of the Boards
    I’m interested in the 4* covers. Mainly to see if any discrepancy like a random that dropped more than any with 3x odds
  • jki_23jki_23 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 13 Just Dropped In

    Thought the current latest pool is just too good to pass up, I have another 9/45 mini run last night (20%), with the following results:

    Thor 464
    Gambit 453
    DD 452

    Will pull again before AA comes in
  • JablesMcJablesMc Posts: 235 Tile Toppler

    You say it took you 4 months to hoard those pulls, is that with hitting the 15 cp reward at 1300 points in pvp, or just the 10 cp at 575 and pve prog/champ levels?

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