243 Latest Legendary pulls

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With gambit rotating in and doc ock leaving, it was time to start pulling my hoard. Started with 344 tokens and I am hoping this is enough to complete gambit. I set him as bonus hero and started pulling. 

Iw u
Rogue ryyryy
Mordo pppb
Sandman yppgpggyy
Jean pgugg
Coulson uyyppu
Moonknight g
Falcon ry
C&d byppy
Quake g
Xfdp b
R&g yy
Fury uuyy
Vulture uubbguu
Imhb brur
Yondu ub
Gwenpool b
Venom b
Nova brr
Fist bubg
Medusa y
Punisher b
Carnage b
Lockjaw uyuyug
Gamora urr
Iceman gg
Mockingbird pryy
Cyclops u
Riri g
Starlord p
Rhulk rgpRR
Agent venom ry
Fisk bypu
Spidergwen y
Kate pb
Peggy u
Cage r
Gr b
Reed u
Px y
Drax b

Dd ppppyygg
Gambit rppRrrppbprbb
Parker ugrg

It took just 131 pulls to complete gambit. 24x 5* is way above 15% and I even got a bonus hero (in caps). I could have stopped here but my rogue was 2/5/5 with 2 yellow covers left. I have enough iso to champion gambit and rogue so figured I should keep going. Set Dare devil as bonus hero and pulled some more. 

Iw y
Rogue ryrrrg
Mordo p
Sandman g
Coulson uy
Moonknight b
Falcon yy
C&d py
Quake u
Xfdp bb
R&g u
Fury u
Vulture ub
Yondu y
Gwenpool bbb
Venom gg
Nova b
Fist u
Lockjaw yu
Gamora ru
Iceman u
Mockingbird rrr
Cyclops uy
Riri rug
Starlord r
Rhulk GR
Agent venom rbb
Spidergwen r
Kate bu
Peggy r
Cage by
Gr g
Drax p
Bucky pp
Thing g
Thor u
Miles p
War machine uru
Xfw y

Dd y
Gambit prbpprp
Parker grrgug

Another 79 pulls later and I finally gotten the green for rogue (the only one from 210 pulls). 7 more gambit covers and only a single daredevil. 14x 5* from 79 is just slightly above 15%. I don’t have iso now so won’t be chasing to complete daredevil or Peter Parker. 

Overall, I’m fairly happy with 38x 5* from 210. If I save enough iso I may try to complete the other two. Daredevil is 3/2/5 and Peter Parker is 2/5/4. 


  • BlackBoltRocksBlackBoltRocks Posts: 2,304 Chairperson of the Boards
    Congrats! I'm sitting on my own hoard until Thor rotates in. Although that means I'll miss out on Spidey, but at 2/1/1 he's not getting completed anytime soon anyway
  • PongiePongie Posts: 1,326 Chairperson of the Boards
    Have to decide who’s better between daredevil and Peter Parker if I’m not going to chase both when I have the iso. Realised I have so many red/blue overlap with my 5*s (hawkeye, ss, and gambit, then there is dd and im46)
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    I'm sitting on about 170ish pulls myself.  Trying to decide if/when to pull.  I like Gambit and I like Spidey, I haven't heard that much about DD.  Not sure if I should wait for Spidey to rotate out or pull now.  Also with still having 1/3 of 4*s unchamped and many of them at 13 not crazy about the 4* waste I'd get pulling that many character unless I've got mountains of ISO hoarded to (which I certainly don't).
  • PongiePongie Posts: 1,326 Chairperson of the Boards
    That’s was quick, saved up enough iso to champion another 5* already. Time to try and finish either Peter Parker or daredevil...

    Vulture u
    Fisk y
    Thor yy
    Fist g
    Lockjaw g
    Spidergwen y
    Sandman pg
    Carol ybg
    Agent venom r
    Rocket & groot yyy
    Peggy uy
    Gamora u
    Coulson p
    Mockingbird p
    Miles r
    Spiderwoman r
    Cloak & dagger y
    Reed u
    Xfw b

    Gambit bb
    Dd yp
    Spidey ugu

    7/33 pulls and Spider-Man is championed with an extra cover for champion level. Daredevil is at 12 covers (need customer support to swap). 

    All up thats 243 pull to get 2x 5* championed and 1 almost complete. 
  • PongiePongie Posts: 1,326 Chairperson of the Boards
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    With Thor rotating in, its time to try and get a cover for essentials and hopefully finish DD. 

    Coulson up
    Punisher ubg
    Lockjaw yy
    Iron fist ubg
    Fisk y
    Xfw y
    Thing rr
    Sandman p
    Bucky p
    Ghost rider g
    Xfdp bb
    Yondu uy
    Spider woman r
    C&d p
    Riri u
    Carol g
    Night crawler u
    Peggy u
    Carnage br

    Gambit b
    Dd y
    Thor y

    32 pulls before Thor dropped. That’s makes 275 pulls to finish 3x 5*s (gambit +10 levels, peter parker +1 level and daredevil). 
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