Time Gem Season Updates *Updated (10/19/17)

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Update: Added additional information about character updates, Time Gem season's max progression rewards, and adjustment of System Reboot Iso-8 values.
Hi Everyone,

For the upcoming Time Gem Versus Season, Rogue (Classic) will be entering Latest 4-Star status, and Riri Williams (Ironheart) will be entering Vintage 4-Star status. Gambit (Modern) will be added to packs.

There will be two characters receiving a character update this Versus Tournament Season: Nick Fury (Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and Psylocke (Classic). System Reboot is coming back with a chance to earn Iso-8 and a random cover for each of these characters!

*We have adjusted the System Reboot Iso-8 rewards to their appropriate values, so that they no longer reflect the promotional amount that was present during the inaugural event.

Nick Fury (Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.) Update:

Avengers Assemble
Level 270, at power level 5:
Power now costs 10 Yellow AP (Down from 12). Each power level adds an additional Avenger without requiring additional AP.

*New Update*
Director Fury summons Earth’s mightiest heroes. Shield in hand, Captain America leads the charge with Iron Man, charged and locked on, Hawkeye, aiming to win, Hulk, hungry to smash, and Black Widow, set up to stun. 
  • Captain America creates a Protect tiles with a strength of 64
  • Iron Man deals 2,940 Damage
  • Hawkeye Creates 3 Critical Tiles
  • Hulk deals 722 AOE Damage
  • Black Widow stuns for 2 turns
No changes

Escape Plan
Power now costs 11 AP (down from 12). Initial damage has been increased while the amount of AP stolen, Strike tile strength and Countdown tile duration has been lowered.

*New Update*
Enemy intel stolen, Nick Fury leads his team to safety. Deals 6,224 damage and creates a 2-turn Countdown tile that, when activated, steals 6 AP from the enemy's strongest color before converting to a strength 180 Strike tile.

Psylocke (Classic) Update:

Psychic Knife
Level 166, at power level 5:
Damage has been increased significantly. Strike tile strength has been increased.

*New Update*
Psylocke gains momentum, fluidly chaining attacks together. Deals 2,808 damage and creates a strength 270 Red Strike tile whenever fewer than 3 exist. Costs 1 less for each Red Strike tile (min cost 5).


Now steals 4 AP from the enemy’s strongest color pool. Increases the strength of 3 random Friendly Strike, Protect, or Attack tiles.

*New Update*
Psylocke steadies and channels her telepathic power, reaching into the minds of the enemy to disrupt their attack. Creates a 3-turn Blue Countdown tile that steals up to 4 AP from the enemy's largest color pool and increases the strength of up to 3 random friendly Strike, Protect, or Attack tiles by 165


No Changes.

Progression Rewards Based on Wins

First off, we want to thank everyone that participated in the Versus Tournaments that featured the Progression Rewards Based on Wins format. We received a lot of feedback from players, both in the forum and through the results of these test events.

Based on this information, we have determined that the previous iteration of Progression Rewards Based on Wins was ultimately a good structure that offered players flexibility in play-time, while still providing the elements necessary to drive competitive spirit.

Starting with the Time Gem Season, all Versus Events will now give progression rewards based on how many wins you complete (instead of Points). This includes S.H.I.E.L.D. Simulator and Season Rewards.

*New Update*
  • The top progression reward for S.H.I.E.L.D. Simulator is a Green Rogue (Classic) cover. (Earned at 74 wins) 
  • The top progression reward for the Time Gem Versus Season is 15 Command Points. (Earned at 340 wins)
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