Hoard, Interrupted

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So, heres the deal: I've been hoarding since the special 5pidey store ended in July. The plan was to crack my hoard after Doc Ock rotated out. Then they rolled out SCL 9 and the 5* required nodes. I was in luck for the first two events, as I already had 5tar-Lord and 5pidey on my roster.

Then they announced that Doc Ock would be the required character for Rogue's release event, which I didn't have. Going by what others had shared about their placement woes without the 5* required, I figured I'd tap into the hoard.

The rules: Pull until I get at least one Doc Ock and Daredevil, as he's going to be required sooner or later. I managed to do that in just 11 pulls.

The results:
Starting LT: 68
Ending LT 57

Daredevil purple (0/0/1)
Doc Ock black x2 (2/0/0)
Mordo blue (champ level, 292)
Iron Fist blue (champ level, 287)
Coulson blue (champ level, 274)
G4ocket yellow (3/6/4)
Winter Soldier blue (4/2/3)
Kingpin purple (2/2/3)
Yondu blue (1/2/3)
Chulk green (2/1/2)

Parentheses are the final builds. As you can see, G4ocket yellow was my only useless pull. But, that spurred a green cover offer from the Heroes for Hire store, which I bought. I champed them and used the yellow cover for the first champ level. They still sit at 271. 

Chulk was also a very fortunate pull, as his Crash was still going at the time. The cover, along with leveling him up and using some boosts, allowed me to win and keep my win streak since Hulkbuster going. I really thought Chulk's was going to be the first one I wouldn't complete. So that felt good.

Moving forward, I plan to initially crack the hoard once Ock rotates out and at least Rogue is in tokens. I'm tempted to wait for (what I'm assuming will be 4*) Nightcrawler too, but I'm worried that might be waiting too long. I've got a number of 4*s in the 188-229 range. Depending on my pulls I could realistically have a number of 4*s hitting the 13-cover mark and beyond, and I'm not sure I'll have the ISO to go around.

I'm currently at 1.75M ISO, 64 LTs and 2240 CP. I'm hoping to have at least 2-2.5M ISO (come on, double ISO anniversary), ~70 LTs and 2500 CP before I start pulling. As much as I want to pull the whole thing in one shot, I want to minimize wasting covers. So I'll probably pull until I cover enough 4*s to champ that runs my ISO well dry. Then I'll go back to hoarding to replenish the ISO reserves and perhaps pull again right before 5pidey rotates out. I'm assuming that he'll be kicked out by Thor in about a month when Ragnarok comes out. Too bad, that seems like a real short window from when (likely) 5* Gambit is released to when (likely) 5* Thor is.
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