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The effectiveness of 5*s past 450

vinsensualvinsensual Posts: 458Age Unconfirmed Mover and Shaker
There was an epiphany of a post in the 5* Daredevil thread, seen here.

Rhycar says the following
"At 450, you probably want Thanos or another strong teammate to bring out the best in DD. But I can see him being lethal all on his own at 470+"

I will be opening my hoard and hopefully champing Daredevil, but the note about him past 470 has me wondering.  Is this specific to DD, or is it just because of the additional stats from 20 champ levels?  I've compared stats of a few different level 5s, looking at higher players' rosters, and the scaling seems to be linear.

I only looked at 4, but Bolt, Thanos, Panther, and Strange see a flat increase of about .8 to .9 percent throughout their stats and skill damage per champ level.  Most of the time I was comparing a level 450 to either someone in the 470s while the higher Thanos was in the 490s. 

Is champing past the 450s worth it as a deterrent or as a bigger lump of stats?
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