MPQ Cosmic: Project Silver Surfer (and Thanos)

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Alrighty. As mentioned, I've decided to make Silver Surfer my first covermaxed 5*, and thus my first 5* champ. I have been hoarding with the intention of covermaxing 5* Thor when he comes out during the Ragnarok movie. However, recent circumstances have made me switch allegiances to the very first 5* in MPQ, who was released just over 2 years ago (what the heck I have been playing for 4 years ycxkepqhdbwaloxb).

First, and most importantly, the Cosmic Legends store that’s currently running for these few days. The store has Surfer, Thanos, and Starlord as its only 5* at a 5% chance each. Given the dilution in Classic tokens, this is probably the best opportunity I’ll get to covermax my Surfer, who is my highest-covered 5* at 2/4/3. I’ll need, on average, 2000CP to hit 13 (excluding dupes and Bonus Heroes); I currently have 2382, so that should be a safe buffer.

Second, I suspect that Thor will not be released as a solo 5* with a 10% chance, but rather like Daredevil was, ie with two other 5* (Banner and Strange?) at 5% each. If that’s the case, then my hoarding will have been in vain. A bonus is the aforementioned Thanos; he’s at 2/1/2, so this represents my best chance to get more covers for him. I think covermaxing him will be just a little too farfetched though. In any case, I’ll be setting him as my BH and hoping for the best. Extra covers for Starlord would also be welcome.

The extra luxuries would be the 4* covers, of course. I’m hoping to get champ rewards for my champions; covermax those who are near 13, like Carol and War Machine, and get more covers for the newer releases, like Mockingbird, Yondu, and Lockjaw. For starters, I’ve set Carol as my sole 4* BH; this will change as I go along.

Okay, I’ll be listing only my 5* pulls from Cosmic Tokens, as well as which 4* I managed to champ/covermax. My Silver Surfer started out at 2/4/3; Thanos at 2/1/2. I pulled a total of 102 Cosmic tokens; numbers correspond to the Token I pulled out of these 102.

I. Starlord Green (1/1/1)
XIV. Silver Surfer Blue (3/4/3)
XIX. Thanos Black (3/1/2)
XXVI. Silver Surfer Black (3/4/4)
XXVIII. Thanos Purple (3/2/2)
XLII. Silver Surfer Blue (4/4/4)
XLVII. Thanos Green (3/2/3)
LIX. Silver Surfer Blue (5/4/4) Yay!
LXIX. Starlord Yellow (2/1/1)
LXXX. Thanos Purple (3/3/3)
LXXXII. Thanos Purple (3/4/3)
LXXXVI. Starlord Yellow (3/1/1)
XCII. Thanos Green with a BONUS Thanos Purple (3/5/4)
C. Silver Surfer Black (14th cover)
CII. Thanos Green (3/5/5) Yesssss!!!


Yup. Awesome pulls there; I achieved exactly what I was hoping for. And now I “have” to champ Surfer heh. I also somehow got 8 covers for Thanos to max him, and both without any dupes. I was hoping against hope for Thanos, but it really happened. I am so happy right now. I blew exactly 150 DDQ Tacos to get that Cosmic Token from the vault, but that token was the one that completed Thanos. Totally worth it.

The sole 4* I mananaged to covermax and champion:

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

Yes, I finally champed one of the top 4*. Going into this, she was at 5/3/3 with two Black covers in my queue. I managed to pull two Yellows to complete her at 5/5/3, before pulling another three covers. This meant I could bring her up to lv275; the Yellow cover in Venom Bomb progression brought her up to lv276. Lovely. And I'm having so much fun with her boosted in Venom Bomb, as well as PvP.

4* I managed to covermax (with the help of Bonus Heroes):

War Machine: 4/4/3 to 5/4/4 without dupes
Hulkcho: 4/5/0 to 5/5/3 without dupes

Also brought Carnage up from 5/4/2 to 5/5/2, with a dupe Red and Black cover. My Doctopus is at lv221, but I’m going to pass up on Carnage in favour of both Surfer and Thanos.


So! After all that - including my DDQ Vault pulls - I have 220k iso and 13CP at the moment, and can easily champ Surfer with his 14th cover within the next 14 days. Following that, I'll look to get the ~576k needed to champ Thanos so I can respec him. And of course, I'll be hoarding all resources (except Standards and Elites) until then. Cheers!


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