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    Two years later...someone finds the thread to ask a question.

    Should Cloak's "The Darkness Hungers" be able to target an enemy who is airborne?  The final node in today's Simulator was Bishop/Cloak and Dagger/Mysterio.  I avoided Bishop's stun lock by using Silver Surfer/Psylocke/Vulture, which works in PvE but would get you absolutely crushed in PvP (see the 24+ pages of the "Nerf Bishop" thread for more details).  Anyway, C&D eventually transformed, and got their Darkness Hungers tile out.  I figured it would target Silver Surfer, but instead it hit Vulture while he was airborne.

    I didn't think that airborne characters could normally be targeted.  Is this a special case for C&D, or should this not have happened?
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